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Liquidware Advances DEX for Microsoft AVD and Windows 365

Liquidware, a leader in DEX (Digital Employee Experience) solutions for digital workspaces, announced its participation and sponsorship at NerdioCon 2024 in Punta Cana. At this event, Liquidware will showcase how their innovative solutions, including FlexApp, enhance Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and Windows 365. Liquidware will be presenting in booth #12. 
Liquidware offers the most comprehensive coverage in DEX across the industry. This includes managing DEX with ProfileUnity, delivering it through FlexApp's dynamic applications, monitoring it with Stratusphere UX, and controlling it in real-time using CommandCTRL. 

FlexApp: Leading in Application Compatibility 

FlexApp leads in application compatibility, supporting over 90% of Windows applications and offering a significant boost for successful application portability over using MSIX alone. FlexApp provides a flexible solution for managing and deploying applications within AVD and Windows 365 environments while keeping base image management to a minimum. The solution is seamlessly compatible with Nerdio. Rimo3 will be showcasing new integration with FlexApp One by automating the testing, validation, and deployment of FlexApp packages. 

ProfileUnity: Enhancing FSLogix with Rollback and Restoration Features 

ProfileUnity complements Microsoft FSLogix by adding crucial full user management features for business continuity and disaster recovery, including easy profile roll-back and restoration capabilities. This ensures robust profile management alongside seamless cross-OS compatibility. 

Stratusphere UX: Monitoring for Optimized Desktop Environments 

Stratusphere UX is pivotal for organizations aiming to maintain high performance and user satisfaction in both physical and virtual desktop environments, ensuring smooth transitions and optimal experiences in Microsoft AVD and Windows 365 settings. 

Introducing CommandCTRL for Cloud-Hosted Desktop Management 

Recently introduced in Liquidware's portfolio is CommandCTRL, this SaaS solution specifically is designed for real-time remediation of any Windows workspace, including Microsoft's AVD and Windows 365. CommandCTRL is particularly useful for customers, MSPs and reseller partners, facilitating seamless operation and enhanced user experiences. 

Liquidware at NerdioCon 2024: Empowering MSPs and Reseller Partners 

NerdioCon 2024, attracting a significant number of MSPs and reseller partners, is an ideal venue for attendees to be briefed on the strategic benefits of Liquidware's solutions for managing and optimizing cloud-based digital workspaces. 

Published Monday, February 12, 2024 8:06 AM by David Marshall
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