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Diagrid Improves Dapr Microservice Application Development, Launches Free Conductor Tool for Developers

Diagrid announced a free tier of Diagrid Conductor that helps developers visualize interactions between applications, discover resources, troubleshoot errors, and provide best practice guidance.

Open source Dapr is used by tens of thousands of developers across thousands of organizations to develop distributed applications with 30% greater productivity, according to the recent community survey. Now, developers building and testing applications using Dapr can use the Diagrid Conductor Free service to quickly and securely connect to Kubernetes clusters running Dapr and immediately gain deep insights to understand how the applications are running and their infrastructure.

Developers can use the Conductor Free service to substantially improve their local Dapr development experience on Kubernetes, at no cost. With this initial release, key benefits with Conductor Free include the following.

  • Application visualization and metrics. By gathering metrics from applications, Conductor builds a dynamic application visualization graph of the messages and calls between services including how these are connected to the underlying infrastructure. Key Dapr metrics, including error rates and throughput, can be visualized for the previous 12 hours.
  • Resource discovery. Dapr resources include components, subscriptions, resiliency policies and application configuration deployed into the cluster. Conductor enables users to discover these resources, view their YAML definitions and check them for best practices, such as security settings and misconfigurations. For example, Conductor can show the programmatic and declarative subscriptions and determine if an infrastructure component is incorrectly configured at initialization.
  • Development best practices and alerting. Conductor examines application deployments and provides best practices for security and observability settings, saving users from having to read documentation. It will also raise development alerts on errors that occur, for example if an application pod or Dapr sidecar fails, and informs users of issues by raising alerts from error messages discovered from the Dapr runtime. 

"Dapr has an incredible number of metrics and resources such as components and subscriptions, but visualizing the interaction between your applications, seeing the metrics over time and finding misconfigurations has been a challenge for all Dapr developers"  said Mark Fussell, co-founder and CEO, Diagrid. "We wanted to give developers a tool that brings the incredible Dapr APIs to life and gives you that ‘aha' moment during development. For anyone developing with Dapr on Kubernetes, there is no reason not to use the free Conductor and it will continue to get better and better."

"We have a roadmap for Conductor Free planned with features including log streaming, Dapr Workflow visualization and component creation being just a few of those," said Yaron Schenider, co-founder and chief technology officer, Diagrid. "We love nothing more than listening to the community for what they see as important when developing Dapr applications and want to hear feedback."

For more information and to sign up for the free Diagrid Conductor service, visit
Published Tuesday, March 19, 2024 4:20 PM by David Marshall
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