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VMblog Video Interview with Puneet Gupta, CEO, Amberflo. Quoting, Metering, and Billing solution for AI/ML

In this VMblog expert interview, we sit down with Puneet Gupta, the CEO and Founder of Amberflo, a company that enables businesses to track and charge on usage and bill customers with on-demand, accurate metered invoicing. In this interview, Puneet shares his insights on the company's recent announcement around its AI Monetization Platform, as they launch native integrations and deep support for Generative AI.

During this interview, we discussed the transition towards usage-based pricing and billing, highlighting its potential advantages and challenges. We also explore the impact of artificial intelligence on the subscription world and Amberflo's vision of adopting a usage-based pricing model. The trend towards usage-based pricing due to cost factors is an important point, along with the role of Amberflo in providing a full-featured metering service for usage-based pricing and billing.

Puneet also talked about the concept of cloud computing and its elastic nature, and the idea of selling products and services in an elastic manner to achieve maximum operational efficiency.
During the interview, Puneet explores how his company helps others transition to a usage-based pricing model, and explains why it is so important.

It seems as though many companies are talking about integrating AI into their apps, but very few seem to be thinking about how to actually build a profitable business around it. Puneet shares his experience and expertise here. He believes the trend towards usage-based pricing has been accelerated by LLMs and he encourages people not to be scared by the new model.

The company offers the Amberflo AI Monetization Platform, an integrated set of product offerings that enable businesses to successfully monetize their next generation AI/ML and Usage-Based products and services. ‍While Generative AI models and AI/ML infrastructure providers are making their models accessible to developers via APIs, there are several critical monetization challenges that must be addressed to ensure the successful and profitable business outcome.   

AI/ML models and infrastructure are delivered on a usage basis. The provider charges for the use of the model and infrastructure on a metered usage model. When businesses incorporate these models into their applications, they have to meter and track the underlying AI/ML infrastructure being used at a per user or customer level.

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0:16 - Intro to Puneet Gupta, the CEO and Founder of Amberflo
0:37 - Update of Amberflo - Shift away from subscription pricing and embrace usage-based pricing
08:56 - Amberflo is positioned as "AI Monetization" - Focus on AI
12:38 - Building GenAI into products - how to profit from it
18:13 - HOW to use AI and keep up with the pace of change - removing the complications
21:55 - What is the ultimate vision for Amberflo?
23:55 - Wrap up

Published Wednesday, March 20, 2024 2:04 PM by David Marshall
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