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Gurucul Launches Data Optimizer, An Intelligent Data Engine Significantly Reducing Costs of IT Observability and Security

Gurucul announced the launch of Gurucul Data Optimizer, an intelligent data engine that allows organizations to optimize their data while dramatically reducing costs, typically by 40% out of the box and up to 87% with fine-tuning. A universal collector and forwarder, Gurucul Data Optimizer works with any data source, destination, and format. It normalizes and enriches data while offering granular control so organizations can filter out unwanted data and route it to specific destinations based on its intended purpose, including data lakes, SIEMs and low-cost cold storage.

Data is fueling business growth like never before but managing it effectively and cost-efficiently is becoming unattainable. The ability to collect, analyze and store data is increasingly impacted by unmanageable volumes, cloud migration, and regulatory and compliance requirements. In a recent survey, more than 82% of enterprises say it's challenging to control and forecast data costs. Gurucul Data Optimizer alleviates the data processing bottleneck for IT and security teams while reducing operational, ingestion, and storage costs.

"Gurucul Data Optimizer empowers organizations to gather the data they need, filter out what they don't, and route it based on custom logic to wherever it needs to go, and in whatever format they need," said Nilesh Dherange, CTO at Gurucul. "It helps solve challenges associated with Big Data management and transformation by giving users control while dramatically reducing costs. As with Gurucul's entire open and flexible platform, Data Optimizer offers customers ease and choice. It integrates into any tech stack and can be fully customized to each environment."

Additional benefits and features of Data Optimizer include:

  • Data collection from any source and any format using the Universal Data Collection Framework with a large library of built-in connectors and data pipelines.    
  • Visibility into real-time data trends to make informed filtering, transformation, and routing decisions.
  • Flexible data retention for a configurable timespan with replay capability to provide data resilience throughout the data lifecycle including collection, transformation, archival and deletion.
  • Low-code and no-code data reduction for on-premise and cloud data using Gurucul's message and event filtering capabilities.
  • Deduplication and data sampling to further reduce data volume.
  • Fine-grained control over data with the ability to filter events based on data source priority, event type, data source, host, location, or any other custom attributes.   
  • Enabling advanced analytics and security investigations by normalizing data to a common schema and contextually linking disparate sources.    
  • Comprehensive and flexible data transformation capabilities empowering powerful functions including filtering (regex, remove etc.), enrichment (external lookup join, concat, etc.), tagging (static) and transformation (lower/uppercase, replace, etc.).    
  • Granular and custom routing with ability to fork data to multiple third-party destinations in any format and at any frequency based on fine-grained filters. 

Data Optimizer is available as part of the Gurucul Security Analytics Platform, or as a standalone product. It works equally well with third-party SIEMs, UEBA, XDR, data stores and data lakes.

Data Optimizer is available now.
Published Tuesday, April 09, 2024 12:28 PM by David Marshall
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