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Check Point Software Technologies Transforms Email Security Again: Patented Unified Administration Boosts Efficacy and Improves Productivity

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. announced new email security features that enhance its Check Point Harmony Email & Collaboration portfolio: Patented unified quarantine, DMARC monitoring, archiving, and Smart Banners. Since 2023, Check Point has released over 75 new features for Harmony Email & Collaboration, further strengthening collaborative email security with preventative measures to combat the growing threat of cyber-attacks. The addition of these new features allows for leading protection against advanced threats on a single screen.

Despite the rise of sophisticated cyber defense technologies, email remains the primary conduit for cyber attacks, encompassing phishing attempts, malware, and business email compromise (BEC) scams. According to a CISA assessment, within the first 10 minutes of receiving a malicious email, 84% of employees took the bait by either replying with sensitive information or interacting with a spoofed link or attachment. With phishing attacks being further enhanced by AI to make them even more convincing, it is crucial that organizations give email security top priority.

"As a leading provider of email security solutions, we strive to consistently deliver complete security with our Archiving and DMARC capabilities, as well as drive innovation through our recent U.S. patent for unified quarantine," said Gil Friedrich, Vice President of Email Security. "With threat actors finding new ways to weaponize email, we continue to pioneer a comprehensive, 360-degree security solution that proactively counters sophisticated phishing tactics wherever they may occur."

The increasing complexity of email-based threats requires advanced protection strategies, including AI-powered detection mechanisms. As part of the Check Point Infinity Platform, Harmony Email & Collaboration features include:

  • Unified Quarantine: This patented feature streamlines email management by allowing administrators and end-users to view and restore all quarantined emails from both Microsoft and Harmony Email through a single, integrated Check Point screen, simplifying the process and reducing administrative effort and redundant friction with end users
  • DMARC Monitoring: Allows organizations to protect their brand reputation and prevent impersonation attacks on their customers and partners by maintaining a strict DMARC policy, without impacting business operations
  • Archiving: Enables the storage of all internal, incoming and outgoing emails for many years, as well as importing archives from competitors, and to support disaster recovery and legal use cases
  • Smart Banners: Educates users on cyber security directly within their emails, promoting policy compliance and enabling precise reporting of suspicious, yet subtly malicious, emails

Listen to what customers around the world are saying:

Americas: "With Check Point Harmony Email & Collaboration, we're blocking thousands more emails each month," says Pitor Baltakis, Manager of Infrastructure & Security for the City of Kamloops. "Any one of those emails could have been clicked on and caused ransomware, identity theft or worse. We feel much more comfortable facing the growing wave of phishing and BEC emails that we're seeing."

APAC: "Partnering with Check Point offered the most comprehensive and effective solution," says Kinson Chan, Chief Executive Officer for eSix. "We chose Check Point for its strong reputation in the cybersecurity industry, ability to offer a comprehensive security solution and its commitment to keeping pace with emerging threats."

EMEA: "Check Point has provided an easy-to-configure security environment with strong security guarantees at a really economical price compared to other solutions," says Jose Alonso Ayllon Gutierrez, Head of New Technologies Service for the Marbella City Council. "This allows us to grow and achieve our objects; the best investment is in solutions that allow us to sleep at night."

Published Thursday, April 11, 2024 8:24 AM by David Marshall
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