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Civo launches high-performance Cloud GPU offering run on NVIDIA A100s

Civo launched its Cloud GPU offering, powered by a range of NVIDIA GPUs.  The new offering is readymade to support high demand workloads such as machine learning, Large Language Models, and graphics rendering. Users can rapidly get up and running with the GPUs,  launching them directly from the dashboard and using them to power enhanced performance on Civo Kubernetes clusters and Compute instances.

Civo Cloud GPUs will be available to access from its London region. Users will have access to competitively priced NVIDIA A100 40GB, NVIDIA A100 80GB and NVIDIA L40S GPUS for both compute and Kubernetes, with NVIDIA H100's available to reserve now. The A100 GPU will offer users a step change in computational power and memory capacity, boasting 312+ TFLOPS of FP16 performance, 1,248 Tensor cores, and 80GB of HBM2e memory.

Civo runs its own infrastructure and technology stack which utilizes Kubernetes ‘all the way down'. This means that everything in the Civo stack is inherently cloud-native by design. There is no reliance on legacy components, and instead a focus on streamlined developer experience, with industry-leading hardware, at a fair price.  Crucially, there is a ‘plug and play' adaptability when using Civo, giving users the flexibility to rapidly integrate it into their existing infrastructure.

Sustainability at its heart

With Civo Cloud GPUs, users also have access to a market-leading, high-performance sustainable cloud computing solution with Deep Green, the UK data center heat re-use pioneer.  As Deep Green's exclusive cloud partner, Civo customers will have the option to run their cloud GPU workloads on Deep Green servers on A100 GPUs, spreading the benefit of free heat to communities across the UK. Civo is keeping its pricing consistent with its other locations and refusing to make sustainability a premium option.

Civo's customers will have the exclusive opportunity to run their cloud workloads on Deep Green's Exmouth (UK) servers and contribute to the ground-breaking sustainable solution. All users who use this region will be running their instances on 100% renewable energy, with the addition of the server's waste heat being used to warm a local Exmouth swimming pool.

Using a small-edge data center, or a ‘digital boiler', the system immerses servers in mineral oil to capture the generated heat, which is then passed through a heat exchanger to provide hot water. Deep Green's servers, currently deployed on-site at a leisure center in Exmouth, Devon, share re-captured heat with the public pool for free, cutting its energy bill and reducing reliance on its fossil-fuel boiler. 

Mark Boost, CEO of Civo, said, "I am delighted to bring this cutting-edge technology to the Civo stack. With gold-standard NVIDIA GPUs, we are giving our users the high performance tools they need to power today's demanding cloud workloads - whether training the next LLM or rendering a complex 3D model.  I am proud that our service is built on delivering this market-leading service to users at an accessible, fair price. Economic conditions remain challenging for businesses, and I am committed that businesses should not be shut out of the AI revolution by prohibitive infrastructure costs. 

"Crucially, sustainability is at the heart of Civo's future as a cloud provider. By reducing our emissions, and making it easy for our customers to do the same, we're hoping to take a firm step towards a more sustainable future. Cloud doesn't have to come at a cost to the planet. By funding innovative solutions, we can build a cloud native landscape that's suitable for the future of the planet." 
Published Tuesday, April 16, 2024 3:05 PM by David Marshall
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