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VMblog DISRUPT 2024 QA: ControlUp will showcase its full DEX platform and its new solution to improve endpoint security, Secure DX

igel disrupt 2024 QA 

Ready for DISRUPT 2024 in Miami?  Will you be in attendance?  Make sure to visit with ControlUp.

DISRUPT is back. Bigger and better than ever before. And this year, "Now & Next" will be a central theme at IGEL DISRUPT 24.

DISRUPT 2024 is perhaps the single most important EUC event of the year - bringing together the leading disruptors of the EUC universe.  The event takes place in Miami, Florida, from April 29 through May 1, at the Diplomat Beach Resort.

Get started by reading this exclusive pre-show interview between VMblog and Marcel Calef, Field CTO, Americas at ControlUp.

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VMblog:  To kick things off, why don't you tell us a little bit about ControlUp.

Marcel Calef:  ControlUp reimagines Digital Employee Experience (DEX) management with true real-time visibility, enabling 20X faster issue resolution on any desktop, any application, anywhere. We empower IT to focus on elevation, not escalation, by equipping them with actionable, true AI-driven insights and proactive remediation tools to drive unbounded productivity for IT teams and employees.

VMblog:  Talk about your technology.  What are some of the problems that you solve?  And what makes you unique?

Calef:  Although we check all the boxes that someone expects from a mature DEX tool, ControlUp especially stands out when it comes to simplifying troubleshooting and remediation, either manual or automated. To do this effectively we start with our industry-leading 3 seconds agent data collection interval. After all, you can't fix what you can't see, so near real-time data is critical. In addition to that we have pioneered innovations for monitoring the last mile to the desktop, unified communications monitoring including the ability to see live calls and our different approach to employee scoring. Finally, we have unique capabilities for reducing endpoint risk and improving a device's security posture through automated patch management and security settings reconfiguration.

VMblog:  How do you partner with IGEL? What does that partnership look like? How long have you been a partner?

Calef:  As the leading provider of digital employee experience monitoring in the VDI & DaaS market it makes sense for ControlUp to closely align with the leading provider of secure endpoint OS' for VDI & DaaS environments. ControlUp has been an IGEL Ready partner since 2021, and during that time we have closely collaborated with IGEL around integration of our technologies and of course with our joint customers in mind.

VMblog:  What do you plan to show off at your booth at IGEL DISRUPT 2024?

Calef:  We are showing our full ControlUp DEX platform that improved the digital experience for both virtual desktops and physical desktops. We will be highlighting new capabilities and features including our new solution to improve endpoint security, Secure DX, our enhanced employee-centric dashboards, and experience scoring and our AI-powered chatbot. Of course, as expected, we will also show our deep integration with IGEL.

VMblog:  What is it that you like about the DISRUPT event? Why do you believe this is a much-needed event?

Calef:  As a leading provider of digital experience monitoring and management solutions, ControlUp recognizes the significance of events like IGEL DISRUPT in fostering dialogue, sharing best practices, and showcasing cutting-edge technologies. By sponsoring IGEL DISRUPT, ControlUp not only demonstrates its support for the IGEL community and the EUC community at large, but also gains valuable opportunities to engage with industry peers, showcase its solutions, and contribute to the advancement of endpoint management practices.

VMblog:  How do you and your solution help with the growth of the EUC market? Where does your technology fit?

Calef:  The "EU" in EUC is what it's all about, and what it's always been about for ControlUp since our founding. We put the end-user and the experience they have with technology always first and continue doing that. The needs and demands of the employees have changed a little bit in the last 10-15 years, that is why we keep innovating to meet those needs.  And we continue to do that with those that use ControlUp solutions in mind, after all, they are just as much an end-user as well, so ease of use, eliminating complex repetitive tasks and providing great support is what drives us every day.

VMblog:  Where do you see the EUC market headed?

Calef:  The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) market is witnessing a significant transformation. There's a clear shift from traditional on-premises VDI to cloud-based DaaS solutions, driven by the need for flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency. This transition is opening new opportunities for both established as well as emerging and niche players in the market.

On top of that, VDI & DaaS solutions are becoming more strategic to companies for several reasons. Two major drivers are the continued demand for hybrid work options, allowing companies to offer their employees and external partners the flexibility to work remotely and collaborate effectively. This is particularly important in today's digital world where agility and security go hand in hand.

Another key driver is how DaaS can inherently contribute to sustainability efforts by minimizing hardware waste and energy consumption. By centralizing computing resources and running virtual desktops on energy-efficient data centers, DaaS reduces the carbon footprint associated with traditional desktop infrastructure. Furthermore, DaaS models ensure that products are repurposed, reconditioned, and reused at the end of their lifecycle, supporting a circular economy.


Published Friday, April 19, 2024 7:30 AM by David Marshall
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