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Binary Defense's 'BDVision' Introduces Advanced Managed Deception and AI Capabilities with Greater Security Accessibility for SMBs

Binary Defense announced several important updates to BDVision, the company's real-time detection and containment Managed Endpoint Detection & Response (mEDR) solution. These critical updates - which include new deception technology, artificial intelligence-based threat detection, EDR bypass detection, and small business accessibility - deliver significant advantages to both large enterprises and small and midsize businesses (SMBs).

At a time when organizations both large and small are facing a surge in sophisticated cyber threats, it is more important than ever to detect and remediate these threats early on before they cause real damage. Binary Defense's BDVision provides extensive observability and immediate contextual feedback on security events happening anywhere throughout an organization's network. Now it is expanding these proactive capabilities even further by enabling attacker disruption earlier in the kill-chain and improving the detection of stealthy threats, such as fileless malware.

"BDVision has introduced several new protective measures that enable defense teams to stop attackers in their tracks and avoid expensive security breaches," said Jason Vest, Chief Technology Officer of Binary Defense. "Our improved capabilities for early detection and remediation empower businesses to neutralize threats at an early stage of the attack chain, even those using tactics that evade conventional security measures. This update also broadens our reach to small and midsize businesses, ensuring that organizations of all sizes can benefit from our sophisticated, multi-layered mEDR platform."

For organizations that have already deployed an endpoint solution, BDVision can be added to critical assets as an extra layer of protection. If threat actors try to attack and bypass EDR or other security tools, BDVision can be used to actively monitor for signs of evasion, immediately alerting defenders.

Advanced Deception Technology

BDVision's new built-in deception technology generates diverse simulated environments and exposures to deceive threat actors in each phase of the attack.

These deceptive tactics are specifically engineered to engage threat actors already targeting the network, diverting them from genuine corporate assets like servers, system files and user accounts. By confusing attackers' efforts and gathering vital intelligence, BDVision shifts the advantage to defenders. It provides crucial alerts that inform security teams of these impending attacks, allowing them to respond quickly. For example, BDVision's deception capabilities offer early warnings about potential ransomware threats, giving defenders a proactive edge.

AI-Enabled Advanced Threat Detection

BDVision employs cutting-edge AI learning models to identify both commoditized and emerging threats - empowering businesses to stay one step ahead of the attackers.

Unlike traditional endpoint solutions and antivirus software which only detect known threats, BDVision's behavior-based algorithms use multiple sources to correlate subtle indicators of compromise (IOCs), detect anomalies and identify emerging attack vectors. BDVision empowers users to evaluate malicious code execution or suspicious IOCs through generative AI. It also terminates file-based and fileless malware, detects malicious network connections, lateral movement, persistence hooks and more.

Greater Accessibility for Small Businesses

Binary Defense's proprietary BDVision mEDR solution is now available for smaller organizations, through the new Vision On Demand offering.

Vision On Demand provides robust 24x7 real-time endpoint protection and containment, built-in deception and behavior-based detection. BDVision's lightweight "nano-agent" deploys within minutes on a company's endpoints and uses high-fidelity signatures and behavior-based indicators to detect active threats. Small businesses also have access to Binary Defense's highly seasoned Security Operations Center (SOC) for on-demand support for alert investigations and incident response.

Another critical advantage with Vision On Demand is the new "360 Protect" initiative. Vision On Demand is covered by the Cysurance Certification and Warranty Program, which extends a financial lifeline for remediation activities with reimbursements to accelerate recovery from cyber events. The warranty includes $1 million in immediate reimbursements that can be applied to address ransomware and business email compromise (BEC) events, compliance and regulatory penalties, business income loss and legal expenses. In addition, the "360 Protect" initiative provides Binary Defense customers with access to $1 million in "Lloyds Syndicate" cyber insurance programs offered by Cysurance at significantly discounted rates.

Published Monday, April 22, 2024 8:56 AM by David Marshall
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