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Torq Debuts HyperSOC, AI-Driven SOC Solution For Reducing SecOps Alert Fatigue, False Positives, and Staff Burnout
Torq announced Torq HyperSOC, a purpose-built solution that harnesses the power of the AI-driven Torq Hyperautomation Platform to automate, manage, and monitor critical SOC responses at machine speed. It uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to initiate and accelerate security event investigation, triage, and remediation at scale, deliver comprehensive case management capabilities with unprecedented ease, and automate complex processes. Torq HyperSOC saves analysts from alert fatigue and job burnout so they can focus on strategic security initiatives and innovation.

Designed for analysts, engineers, and managers on the front lines of Security Operations (SecOps), Torq HyperSOC saves these critical staffers from the burden of manually dealing with triage, false positives, incident investigation, and response, which is the case with legacy SOAR deployments. Torq HyperSOC augments the expertise of SecOps professionals with generative AI to auto-investigate threat severity, and commence optimal escalation and strategic resolution at machine speed.

"Every day, IDC is engaged with SOC professionals who communicate the existential challenges they're facing, both in terms of keeping up with ever-escalating threat complexity and volume, and the incredible burden that places on the shoulders of their teams," said Chris Kissel, Vice President, Security & Trust Products, IDC Research. "Torq HyperSOC is the first solution we've seen that effectively enables SOC professionals to mitigate issues including alert fatigue, false positives, staff burnout, and attrition. We are also impressed by how its AI augmentation capabilities empower these staff members to be much more proactive about fortifying the security perimeter."

Torq HyperSOC is the latest solution built on the Torq Hyperautomation Platform, which delivers frictionless connectivity and open integrations across any security and infrastructure stack. Torq Hyperautomation also ensures consistent security operations throughout multi-cloud and self-hosted platforms. With Torq, enterprises can escape the limitations of legacy SOAR's security platform lock-in and manual processes, and experience 10X faster ROI.

Torq customers include Blackstone, Carvana, Chipotle, Deepwatch, Fiverr, HashiCorp, IronSource, Lemonade, Nubank, Riskified, Rivian, Telefonica, and ZoomInfo, as well as Fortune 100 consumer packaged goods, fashion, financial, hospitality, and sports apparel companies. Cybersecurity giants also rely on Torq to hyperautomate their own SecOps infrastructures, including Abnormal Security, Armis, BigID, Check Point, Juniper Networks, SentinelOne, and Wiz.

According to TechTarget, "Nearly a third of cybersecurity experts say they consider leaving the profession on an occasional (21%) or regular (9%) basis - citing stress associated with the career as the top reason. Additionally, 55% say they experience on-the-job stress at least half the time." Further, Gartner states, "By 2025, nearly half of cybersecurity leaders will change jobs, 25% for different roles entirely due to multiple work-related stressors." As a result of these factors, ISC2 has assessed that "The global cybersecurity workforce gap has increased to 13% or 4 million job openings over the past year."

"Torq HyperSOC helps ensure Check Point internal security analysts' time is used in the most productive and effective manner possible," said Jonathan Fischbein, Global CISO, Check Point." Legacy SOAR solutions are lagging behind when it comes to handling ever-elevating alerts and false positives, leaving analysts frustrated.

We are impressed with how Torq HyperSOC harnesses AI to alleviate those burdens by automating investigation and remediation, together with the Check Point Platform stack, in the majority of cases and escalating only the most critical incidents that require human intervention."

Torq HyperSOC provides critical capabilities to help SecOps teams solve their most pressing issues by handling the majority of the security event processing lifecycle. It enables analysts to focus on the bigger picture and boosts job satisfaction and retention by delivering:

  • AI-Driven Event Analysis-Collects, analyzes, and organizes unprocessed events and signals into contextually-enriched cases in real time. Further, Torq HyperSOC intelligently and intuitively orders them according to severity, priority, and field of ownership. It then ensures remediation of cases across multiple organizational functions.
  • Hyperautomated Case Management-Combines AI-driven insights with hyperautomated processes to seamlessly automate the entire case lifecycle from detection to resolution, and continuously calibrates security responses across multiple security tools, enhancing the overall security posture.
  • AI-Augmented Human-in-the-Loop Remediation-Critical decisions and actions remain under human control, enabling SOC analysts to intervene in any sensitive automated process, ensuring AI recommendations align with the organization's security policies and risk tolerance.

"Once again, Torq is at the forefront of security automation by harnessing cutting edge, generative AI to empower analysts, and save them from soul-crushing manual tasks," said Ofer Smadari, CEO and co-founder, Torq. "The SecOps community has spoken. They're demanding more from their automation platforms and are fed up with dealing with legacy SOAR's tedious, antiquated approach that requires human intervention for even the most minor of tasks. Torq HyperSOC is a breakthrough solution that simultaneously elevates their roles while delivering the highest levels of protection possible for the organization."

Published Tuesday, April 23, 2024 12:34 PM by David Marshall
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