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Veritas Strengthens Cyber Resilience with New AI-Powered Solutions
Veritas Technologies announced artificial intelligence (AI)-powered advancements in Veritas 360 Defense. With the industry's first self-defending data protection solution, a generative AI-powered operational copilot and new ecosystem partners, organizations can more rapidly recover from ransomware attacks.

Matt Waxman, senior vice president and general manager of data protection at Veritas, said: "Cyber criminals are now using sophisticated AI tools to increase the frequency, speed and scale of their attacks, overwhelming data protection teams. At the same time, organizations are less likely to be hiring additional data protection specialists. This leaves both existing specialists and new generalists in need of additional support. The solution is intelligent data management tools that act as a sidekick to guide them in their fight against cybercrime."

Industry's First Adaptive Self-Defending Data Protection Solution

Cybercriminals are increasingly trying to corrupt backup data using the stolen credentials of administrators. Veritas is introducing a new self-defending data protection solution-a first-of-its-kind in the data protection industry. Veritas NetBackup and Veritas Alta Data Protection will continuously monitor and defend themselves against threats from compromised data protection user credentials. Beyond detecting anomalies in administrative user behaviors, the protection solutions will automatically flag unusual administrator behavior and autonomously adjust security parameters-such as multifactor authentication and multi-person authentication-to lock down access to data and protect it against attacks.

Veritas Alta Copilot Streamlines, Simplifies and Optimizes Cyber Resilience

Veritas Alta Copilot has been designed using the latest large language models to reduce the complexity of enterprise data management and is now available for users of Veritas Alta View. It can create sophisticated reports to monitor data protection infrastructure through simple conversation in natural language, quickly identify cyber vulnerabilities and operational inefficiencies, proactively assist with troubleshooting and guide users through complex data management tasks.

Alta Copilot has been trained with Veritas best practices and product documentation. It empowers multi-tasking IT generalists to drive the level of optimal performance from their technology investment typically only achieved with management and configuration by highly specialized experts.

Matt Neubauer, chief information officer at Morgans, said: "AI-powered solutions from Veritas could help us transform how we approach data protection. They will be able to not only anticipate threats but also streamline our data management operations, saving us time and freeing up resources to focus on transformational activity."

Veritas 360 Defense Vendor Ecosystem Expands to Simplify End-to-End Cyber Resilience

Five new security partners have joined the Veritas 360 Defense ecosystem for increased threat monitoring, protection and recoverability. The expanded roster of partners includes Securonix, a leader in next-generation security information and event management, user and entity behavior analytics and security orchestration automation and response.

Mark Stevens, global vice president of channels and alliances at Securonix, said: "A rise in AI-driven, social-engineered credential abuse attacks is putting all applications and data at risk. With Securonix joining the Veritas 360 Defense ecosystem, Veritas customers will be able to easily access an early warning from our AI-powered detection solution that stolen credentials are being used across a wide range of other applications. This will enable them-or their Veritas AI tools-to trigger enhanced security measures for their protection environments before they're compromised."

Waxman concluded: "Cyber resilience continues to be a team sport. As cybercriminals change their offense strategy from attacking systems to attacking the people who operate them, the security community needs to come together to adapt its defense strategy. No one can do this alone; everyone needs both partners and AI on their side."

Published Tuesday, April 23, 2024 10:01 AM by David Marshall
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