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Pulumi Launches Drift Detection and Time-to-Live Stacks to Improve Cloud Costs and Robustness
Pulumi enhanced its deployment workflow product, Pulumi Deployments, with new infrastructure lifecycle management capabilities. These include drift detection and remediation, automatic infrastructure cleanup with time-to-live (TTL) stacks, and scheduled deployments, all with a powerful and extensible REST API. These capabilities enable teams to improve reliability, cost, and security of Day 2 operations.

"At Oleria, we understand the importance of addressing issues with privacy, security, and data integrity. Earning and maintaining our trust isn't just a responsibility but a fundamental aspect of our mission," said Jim Alkove, CEO of Oleria. "Pulumi also understands how these attributes affect cloud infrastructure. Our team is excited to use these new capabilities, giving us even more confidence as we enable our customers to securely manage access to decentralized SaaS applications, adaptively and intelligently."

Pulumi Deployments, Now with Infrastructure Lifecycle Management

Pulumi already allows teams to orchestrate automated deployment workflows with Pulumi Deployments, standardizing deployment processes and eliminating custom home-grown systems. It includes Git push-to-deploy, ephemeral review stacks, and UI-based deployment, with a REST API for custom workflows such as blue/green and multi-region deployments.

This new release extends Pulumi Deployments with these capabilities:

  • Continuously Detect and Remediate Drift. Continuously monitor an organization's infrastructure to detect and notify engineering teams when actual cloud infrastructure deviates from the infrastructure as code source of truth. Set up custom alerts using Slack, Microsoft Teams, or webhooks, or view drift through dashboards in Pulumi Cloud. Drift can be automatically remediated with custom policies that reapply the last known good state from prior deployments.
  • Clean Up Stale Infrastructure with TTL Stacks. Automatically cleanup infrastructure based on flexible policies. After the criteria met - such as the amount of time passing - the infrastructure is automatically destroyed. This enables teams to enable self-service without worry that stale infrastructure will sit around indefinitely, costing money for unused infrastructure.
  • Automate Recurring Workflows on a Schedule. All of these features are built upon a more flexible underlying capability, which is the ability to schedule deployment activities based on an arbitrary cron schedule. This lets teams schedule arbitrary deployment activities and extend the system with their own policies and operational workflows.

Infrastructure platform teams also need to empower the organization around them to self-serve cloud infrastructure to meet time-to-market business needs. Teams resort to building in-house provisioning and deployment systems, and even those that use existing products often lack capabilities to detect drift or stale resources and to reconcile them. Pulumi's new infrastructure lifecycle management enhancements enable platform teams to unleash faster cloud provisioning across the organization with the guardrails they need in place to maintain safety and confidence.

Pulumi also announced a new Pulumi Deployments free tier for all customers, which also applies to usage of the new features.

"We love spending time with our customers and these new features were born from what we've heard from them loud and clear," said Joe Duffy, CEO of Pulumi. "Drift detection and remediation ensures you can trust infrastructure as code as your gold standard record and TTL stacks make it easy to empower more self-service without worrying about cost consequences. Of course, we have built these features with powerful and extensible building blocks at the core, as always. We are thrilled that these offerings help our customers make even more out of their cloud efforts."

Pulumi's infrastructure as code platform has been used by over 2,500 customers to improve engineering velocity and overall time-to-market. These new capabilities strengthen Pulumi's Day 2 operational support to let organizations move faster, with confidence, than ever before.

Drift detection, TTL stacks, and scheduled deployments are available today

Published Wednesday, April 24, 2024 1:28 PM by David Marshall
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