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RSA Conference 2024 Q&A: SentinelOne Will Showcase Purple AI, Which Radically Simplifies Security Operations

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Are you getting ready for the upcoming RSA Conference, the world's leading information security conference and exposition?  The event is quickly approaching, taking place May 6 - 9, 2024 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.  This year's theme: The Art of Possible - as we collectively create works that will change our perspective on what we can accomplish. Let's celebrate limitless opportunities, challenge the status quo, and explore new horizons together.

Ahead of the show, VMblog received an exclusive interview with Bryan Gale, Vice President, Product Marketing at SentinelOne, an industry leader in AI-powered security.

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VMblog: To kick things off, give VMblog readers a quick overview of the company.

Bryan Gale:  SentinelOne is at the cutting edge of the cybersecurity sector, leading the way in AI security. Our mission is to empower companies with the ability to rapidly detect and swiftly respond to any cyber threat, every second of every day, fortifying their defenses today and future-proofing them for tomorrow.

We're living in an era of rapidly advancing cyber threats, where cybercriminals are using sophisticated tools like deep learning models, neural networks, and generative AI to launch damaging attacks. We combat these threats by employing these same state-of-the-art technologies, equipping security teams with the capability to identify and respond to threats at lightning speed.

At the heart of our offerings is the SingularityTM Platform. Built atop the industry's only unified security data lake, this always evolving, infinitely intelligent platform is the first AI security platform to protect the entire enterprise. Facilitated by a single agent, the platform provides a truly unified view across cloud, endpoint and identity resources, leading to streamlined implementations, enhanced protection, and reduced training requirements for security teams. Moreover, it offers improved automation of security operations centers, making it easier to stay ahead of threats. SentinelOne is more than just a reactive measure against cyber threats. We are a proactive solution that mitigates risks, reduces potential damage, and enhances the overall efficiency of security operations.

VMblog: How can attendees find you at the show? How many folks are you sending? What can attendees expect? 

Gale:  SentinelOne is returning to the RSA Conference as a Platinum Sponsor (Booth N-5863), where we'll unveil our new brand messaging in a dynamic 30x40 exhibit with theater presentations, demos, and cool swag giveaways. We'll also have a F1 activation booth at Booth S-3417, and our executive briefing center, BarOne, will take over JoyRide Pizza. 

VMblog: What made you sponsor RSA this year? Is this a must sponsor event for your company?  

Gale:  RSAC is one of the industry's premier events and it draws a certain caliber of attendees whom we love to engage with because we understand their pain points and are uniquely positioned to help solve them. 

VMblog: What market needs or problems are you addressing in the security space?

Gale:  Most organizations we talk to face three common cybersecurity challenges. First, the rapid evolution and expansion of attack surfaces is amplifying the complexity of securing their digital assets. Second, a considerable skills shortage in the cybersecurity sector leaves many companies vulnerable. And last, the industry's reliance on disjointed, siloed tools complicates the task of ensuring comprehensive protection for people, infrastructure, and data.

This is precisely where SentinelOne's Singularity platform becomes indispensable. By extending detection and response capabilities across various security layers, Singularity provides a solution to these prevailing challenges. It furnishes security teams and C-level executives, who are often resource-strapped, with end-to-end visibility and automated response capabilities across their entire technology stack.

Moreover, our revolutionary AI security analyst, Purple AI, drastically simplifies security operations. It enables defenders to manage every aspect of enterprise security - from gaining visibility to launching responsive measures - in ways that were previously unimaginable. In essence, SentinelOne addresses the complexities of the modern cybersecurity landscape, effectively bridging gaps in talent and technology.

VMblog: What are some of the key takeaways of your solution that RSA conference goers should be aware of? And what sets you apart from the competition?

Gale:  We distinguish ourselves by delivering comprehensive security solutions that protect the entire enterprise in a single, unified platform. Our Singularity Platform, underpinned by our Singularity Data Lake and Purple AI technology, provides organizations with unparalleled protection and rapid threat detection and response across every endpoint, cloud and identity.

VMblog: What will you be showing off at the show this year? 

Gale:  Last year, we unveiled Purple AI at RSAC, and earlier this month, we made the technology generally available, sparking a major shift in enterprise security. By allowing users to automate response and take action without the need for coding skills and process and analyze petabytes of data in near-real time, Purple AI radically simplifies security operations and empowers defenders in unprecedented and unforeseen ways, and attendees who visit our booth can see it in action.

VMblog: What are some top priorities for security leaders at RSA to consider this year?

Gale:  We all find ourselves in a continuously evolving threat landscape that we must defend against. So attendees should prioritize their understanding of their ever-expanding attack surface. As they likely need to solve their own  cybersecurity skills shortage, they also need to figure out how to integrate disjointed security and adapt to the ongoing digital transformations by implementing AI-powered solutions like SentinelOne's Singularity Platform. Doing so will allow them to minimize response times, automate SOC processes, and enhance visibility and protection across the entire technology stack from the endpoint into their cloud infrastructure and workloads. Embracing advancements in threat hunting, such as Purple AI will also empower security teams to stay ahead of sophisticated threats and turn an average analyst into a superstar.

VMblog: What are some of the security best practices you would deem critical?

Gale:  Security today isn't just about threat detection and prevention. It's about gaining visibility and insight into data across the entire enterprise and transforming it into decisive action to protect business. There are plenty of AI solutions out there to secure endpoints, networks, clouds and identities. What companies really need is a unified platform to secure the entire enterprise that provides real time-autonomous response. Automated, environment-wide immunization from detected threats. Context enrichment and visibility. Generic anomaly detection and baseline monitoring. Automatic investigation. Proactive risk identification and soft/blind spots. And scaled, one to many actions to deal with increasing data volumes and device proliferation.

This is what SentinelOne delivers with its Singularity platform.

VMblog: The keynote stage will be talking about major themes this year. But what trends is your company seeing that we should be aware of in 2024 and beyond?

Gale:  Cybersecurity today demands the fusion of AI and cutting-edge automation, and we're seeing increased adoption of tools like ours that minimize alert fatigue that the evolving threat landscape is placing on cyber professionals and reduce mean-time-to-response, while operating effectively at cloud scale and machine speed.

We are also seeing an increased focus on cloud security and the adoption of AI-powered solutions to combat emerging threats like GenAI-driven attacks, deepfakes, and sophisticated ransomware tactics. And Zero Trust Architecture is growing, and more enterprises are embracing platforms that facilitate holistic threat detection and response across diverse environments.

VMblog: Does your company have any speaking slots at RSA?  If so, can you tell us more about those sessions so people can get them on their schedules?

Gale:  Rapid changes in the cyber risk environment, the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) and the mega-shift to data-centric, cloud-hosted, enterprise-wide security, has brought new uncertainty to the C-Suite. Combined with an explosion in threat actors, businesses are operating in uncharted territory.  SentinelOne has top experts who can help enterprises think bigger and broader than the siloed approaches of today to adapt and move forward with confidence across all products and environments, and they'll be speaking in three sessions that attendees won't want to miss. 

On Tuesday, May 7, SentinelOne Chief Intelligence and Public Policy Officer, who was the former Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), will team us with Jen Easterly, who currently holds the role, to discuss what keeps them up at night and what's needed to stay resilient in today's wide world of cyber in a session titled A World On Fire: Playing Defense in a Digitized World...and Winning.

He will be followed by SentinelOne Chief Trust Officer, Alex Stamos, the Founder and Director of the Stanford Internet Observatory and has served as the Chief Security Officer of Facebook and Chief Information Security Officer at Yahoo, will provide an overview of the global threat landscape from 9:40 am - am 10:20 am

Krebs will also speak on the human impact of cyberattacks from 2:25 pm - 3:15 pm.

And on Thursday, May 9, Stamos will share his thoughts on shaping AI and cybersecurity policy from 9:40 am to 10:30 am. 

VMblog: As a show sponsor, do you have any tips for attendees to better prepare or handle the conference?

Gale:  Plan your schedule in advance. RSAC is a jam-packed few days and you simply can't see and do all that it has to offer. Focus on what matters most to you and your organization and in addition to formal sessions, be sure to make time for informal networking events. The insights you gather from your peers will prove invaluable.


Published Wednesday, April 24, 2024 7:31 AM by David Marshall
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