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RSA Conference 2024 Q&A: Tufin Will Showcase Its AI-powered Solution, TufinMate

VMblog RSA 2024 

Are you getting ready for the upcoming RSA Conference, the world's leading information security conference and exposition?  The event is quickly approaching, taking place May 6 - 9, 2024 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.  This year's theme: The Art of Possible - as we collectively create works that will change our perspective on what we can accomplish. Let's celebrate limitless opportunities, challenge the status quo, and explore new horizons together.

Ahead of the show, VMblog received an exclusive interview with Erez Tadmor, Field CTO at Tufin, a leader in network and cloud security policy automation.

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VMblog: To kick things off, give VMblog readers a quick overview of the company.

Erez Tadmor:  Tufin bridges security and process gaps between network and cloud security teams by providing a network security policy management platform capable of managing large, enterprise-scale hybrid-cloud networks. Our platform centralizes network access management and delivers continuous compliance automation from on-premise to the cloud to the edge. We give customers the ability to see and design network communications routes from internal networks to multiple cloud environments, while also deploying any access changes.

VMblog: How can attendees find you at the show? How many folks are you sending? What can attendees expect? 

Tadmor:  The Tufin booth is located in Moscone North, number 6358. We'll have a full contingent of security experts at the show this year. Attendees can stop by to learn more about how automation and AI can help ease the burdens security professionals face when managing network security policies across on-premise, edge, and cloud environments.

VMblog: How many times have you sponsored the RSA Conference?

Tadmor:  We've been a regular at RSA since 2009.

VMblog: What made you sponsor RSA this year? Is this a must sponsor event for your company?  

Tadmor:  RSA is a must-attend event for anyone in the security industry. There's no other event where you can network with so many industry leaders simultaneously. Additionally, the event can give attendees the true pulse of the industry in just a few days, covering the latest pain points, new trends, and innovative solutions.

VMblog: What key challenges are leaders facing today? What examples can you cite? 

Tadmor:  IT teams are not expanding, but their responsibilities are. Uptime, performance, and security are increasingly critical to the success of any business. Enterprises require advanced solutions that can provide insight into both network and cloud security, while also providing the ability to automate manual and repetitive tasks. Embracing automation will help overtaxed teams better handle the growing demands of their network environment.

VMblog: What is your message to RSA attendees coming out to the show this year?

Tadmor:  Are you having trouble managing the complexity of your corporate network? Has it become impossible to juggle the security requirements of on-premise and cloud in a consistent way? Is maintaining compliance becoming an overwhelming task? If so, come chat with the team at Tufin.

VMblog: What market needs or problems are you addressing in the security space?

Tadmor:  Security teams need tools to deliver accurate and consistent visibility and management capabilities across on-premise, cloud, and hybrid networks. At the same time, end users demand reliable connectivity and an excellent user experience, regardless of how, where, and when their applications, information, and services are accessed. Security controls need to be delivered to match these needs - providing teams with a single platform and interface for the entire environment, making policies consistent and actions efficient. Tufin has been built to arm our customers with what they need to automate tasks, accelerate changes, and maintain compliance while keeping the organization secure.

VMblog: What are some of the key takeaways of your solution that RSA conference goers should be aware of? And what sets you apart from the competition?

Tadmor:  Our visibility and automation features surpass the competition. Our topology mapping is known for being extremely comprehensive, meaning that compliance reporting is more accurate, and automated workflows are more advanced and comprehensive. Our ability to scale is also second-to-none; some customers track compliance and automate policies across networks comprising more than 10,000 devices and 200M+ routes. We can handle any company's present and future.

VMblog: Is your company launching anything new at the show? Can you give us a sneak peek?

Tadmor:  We're not launching anything new at the show, but we recently launched our first AI-powered solution, TufinMate. It automates the network access enablement process across the organization, allowing a broad array of stakeholders, including those outside of traditional security roles, to ask connectivity questions using natural language-and receive answers within seconds. TufinMate can check if access is permitted, view traffic flows, identify issues, or open new access requests.

VMblog: What will you be showing off at the show this year?

Tadmor:  In addition to TufinMate, we recently made a couple of key announcements: the release of the latest version of our platform and the acquisition of AKIPS. The latest release includes compliance support for Microsoft Azure firewall rules, audit enhancements for Azure firewalls and Network Security Groups, Google Cloud Platform end-to-end troubleshooting, and Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access network change automation. As for AKIPS, its addition strengthens our ability to deliver real-time insights into network performance, letting teams proactively address performance issues before they impact the end-user experience. I encourage attendees to stop by and learn more about how each can help make their lives easier.

VMblog: What are some top priorities for security leaders at RSA to consider this year?

Tadmor:  Security leaders need to prioritize finding a way to incorporate AI into their processes. Security leaders, however, need to review two things regarding AI: is their company ready for AI? Is it producing the accurate data needed to feed an AI model? Is there someone ready to manage it? And two, is the AI itself ready for primetime? Not all AI is created equal, and a gradual approach may be more beneficial.

VMblog: What are some of the security best practices you would deem critical?

Tadmor:  Remember, it no longer matters where or how a user accesses applications and information. Security is security, regardless of whether it's cloud, on-premise, or hybrid. Policies must be consistent-and managed consistently-across every aspect of the organization. There is no longer any reason for there to be separate decisions for each location.

VMblog: The keynote stage will be talking about major themes this year. But what trends is your company seeing that we should be aware of in 2024 and beyond?

Tadmor:  The biggest trend we're seeing is the need to be efficient and productive. Corporate networks have become too complex; team members have too much to do in a given day, and these issues can lead to security and performance problems. Companies need solutions that can help their teams be more efficient and effective with the time and resources they already have. This also ties directly to the interest in automation and AI - teams need help, and innovative technology that embraces both will be the answer they need.

VMblog: Does your company have any speaking slots at RSA?  If so, can you tell us more about those sessions so people can get them on their schedules?

Tadmor:  I'll be presenting at RSA this year on Tuesday, May 7th at 1:40 pm in the South Expo Briefing Center at booth 2100. I'll present on the topic of collaboration and resilience via automation strategy. I plan to cover how leveraging network security insights through integrated change automation can bring teams together to foster cohesive responses and fortify defenses.

VMblog:  As the frequency of cyberattacks and breaches continues to increase, many organizations are finally setting their sights on implementing a true zero trust philosophy. What do organizations need to do to ensure zero trust success?

Tadmor:  Successfully implementing zero trust within your organization requires two core capabilities: visibility and automation. These give organizations the segmentation, validation, control, speed, and accuracy required to implement a comprehensive solution in today's complex, ever-expanding, multi-cloud environment. That said, organizations must also consider any interoperability issues and the potential strain on resources that a zero trust approach can create.

VMblog:  You spoke earlier about efficiency and the need for IT teams to seek it out across the board. What are some of the areas where you've seen efficiency initiatives be most successful?

Tadmor:  There are three areas where automation can quickly drive efficiency - and most importantly, where that efficiency gain will have a real impact on the company's operations and the work life of the security team. I'd recommend focusing your initial efforts on troubleshooting, deployment, and access. Adding automation to troubleshooting lets teams quickly see the performance or security issue so they can act. Automation can also help manage the deployment of new connections and equipment so that the organization can scale quicker; and by automating access approvals, actions can be approved without direct intervention or flagged for review.

VMblog: As a show sponsor, do you have any tips for attendees to better prepare or handle the conference? 

Tadmor:  It's impossible to do everything. A show as big as RSA requires you to plan out what you most want to spend your time doing first and then fill in the rest as time allows. Focus your time so it's spent in a way that is most valuable to you and your organization. And remember to drink plenty of water. 


Published Thursday, April 25, 2024 7:30 AM by David Marshall
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