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Cigent Endpoint Data Protection Stops Ransomware, with Zero-Trust Access Protection
Cigent Technology, Inc. announced the Cigent Endpoint Data Protection Platform that protects data from ransomware, data exfiltration, and data loss. The Endpoint Data Protection Platform provides a comprehensive portfolio of endpoint data offerings.

It is the first known commercial solution that protects Microsoft Windows endpoint device data every time, against every attack, and enables businesses to continue operating even while under attack - with minimal impact to users and minimal administrative demands on IT resources.

"Fundamental changes are long overdue," said Cigent CGO Brett Hansen. "The detect and respond approach is insufficient with today's threats as it doesn't provide protection of endpoint data or enable worker resilience during or following a successful breach - an important capability that will grow more crucial as AI-enabled attacks increase frequency and severity of endpoint compromise. The Cigent Platform is an entirely new failsafe that delivers endpoint protection for the modern workforce. It protects endpoint data from threats, remote or physical, allows users to continue to operate even if a device has been compromised, and with a user-empathy design that mitigates user impact, prevents burdening IT and security staff."

The High Price of Insufficient Endpoint Security: Existing commercial endpoint and data security products are repeatedly proven to be ineffective at stopping ransomware, malware, and advanced persistent threats from disabling endpoints. Because of this, fully 68% to 70% of data loss incidents occur at the endpoint.

Cyberattacks will increase aggressively - in their frequency, their ability to penetrate traditional defenses, and their sophistication - with the imminent widespread adoption of AI by attackers. Attack volumes, sophistication, and precise targeting will escalate rapidly.

The outcome is broadly expected to result in more successful endpoint compromise attacks.

Recent ITIC research on the hourly costs of downtime found that costs now exceed $300,000 /hr for 91% of SME and large enterprises. Fully 44% of mid-sized and large enterprise survey participants reported that a single hour of downtime can cost their business as much as $1 million.

‘Detect and Respond' is Insufficient. Protect Data Security and User Productivity. Unlike detection and response approaches, the Cigent Endpoint Data Protection Platform secures data, protecting it even when a device is compromised. It provides impenetrable layered protection that's managed by a single cloud console.

Cigent delivers:

  • Zero Trust Access Control: Verified, policy-driven step-up access control protects files from unauthorized access. Utilizing AI and integration with major authentication solutions, it protects data with minimal end-user impact.
  • Hidden Data Drives: Attackers cannot see or even locate protected drives even when a deception is compromised. Data remains hidden at the sector level until unlocked with step-up authentication.
  • AI Threat Defense: AI monitoring instantly elevates the threat level when ransomware or other malware attempts to access data. Additionally, integration and automation with EDR solutions elevates protection if threats are detected or if they are rendered inoperable by attackers.
  • "Set and Forget" Operations: Protection is in place and automated, requiring no direct intervention or administration by security or IT resources.
  • Data Protection for Modern Workforce: Minimal impact of end-user experience and sustained device usability during an attack event.

The Cigent Endpoint Data Protection Platform At Work

Cigent begins with the assumption that the PC is going to be compromised. While there continue to be advances in the detect and respond approach, it remains insufficient to prevent data compromises.

Cigent provides layered defense that protects data at rest or when in use. We use software, hardware, or dual encryption as foundational data at rest protection. Customers using SSDs are able to provide additional protection with hidden partitions that are invisible to attackers. When a device is in use we maintain data protection with zero-trust access controls that prevent unauthorized access with minimal user disruption. In addition, we integrate with EDR and SIEM solutions instantly elevating protections based on their status. Finally, Cigent leverages its own AI to detect malicious data activity and instantly secure files. This layered approach proactively protects data.

Importantly - Cigent is the first solution that actively preserves user productivity and device efficiency whenever an attack is in process or has occurred.

In field tests with a current and pernicious attack, file access was immediately locked and the user's ability to continue work was protected. No immediate IT intervention occurred or was needed.

Also Introducing - Cigent BitLocker Manager: Cigent is also delivering BitLocker Manager, another new capability in the Cigent Data Defense Platform that protects full disk encryption environments currently using "tired" technology and facing end-of-life resource issues.

Chris Steffen, Vice President of Research with Enterprise Management Associates, said: "Ransomware and malware continue to erode productivity and plague companies. This endpoint protection platform clearly reflects the company's mission: Cigent's founders and lead developers are among the world's leading data exfiltration experts, who reverse engineered their own processes to create a new solution that doesn't just respond - it protects data. Just as important, Cigent is arming organizations with a new approach to cybersecurity that sharply reduces the burdens on endpoint and security managers."

"Cigent's Endpoint Data Protection Platform equips the largest force in IT - the global community of endpoint users, managers, and administrators - to proactively protect themselves against ransomware and other threats before they can strike, and sustain productivity under attack," said Hansen. "It provides layered security including zero-trust access control, hidden drives, and AI capabilities to stop all endpoint attacks without compromising daily operation and enabling workforce productivity throughout an attack."

Published Tuesday, May 21, 2024 8:25 AM by David Marshall
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