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The Backblaze Storage Cloud. VMblog Video Interview with Don Stewart of Backblaze at VeeamON 2024

In the era of exponential data growth, organizations require robust and efficient solutions to manage and protect their valuable information. Backblaze makes it astonishingly easy to store, use, and protect data. The Backblaze Storage Cloud provides a foundation for businesses, developers, IT professionals, and individuals to build applications, host content, manage media, back up and archive data, and more.

In this exclusive VeeamON 2024 interview, VMblog sits down with Don Stewart, Sr. Strategic Alliance Partner Manager at Backblaze, to explore their cutting-edge technology and their strategic partnership with Veeam. Stewart sheds light on the features and advantages of Backblaze's technology and how their collaboration with Veeam strengthens data management and protection.

Backblaze has been part of the cloud storage backup landscape since 2007 and went public in 2021.

B2 Cloud Storage, its open cloud object storage product, is differentiated by its ease of use, affordability, premium customer support, and proven track record of performant and dependable service. Stewart says that the key to their longevity and success is that Backblaze B2 has straightforward, transparent pricing-no minimum retention penalties, no egress charges for up to 3x the data stored (and egress is completely free to most compute and CDN partners), premium support, and no delays in accessing your data when and where you need it.

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Find out more in this written VMblog Q&A with Backblaze

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0:00 - Intro
0:23 - Welcome to Don Stewart, Sr. Strategic Alliance Partner Manager at Backblaze
0:45 - Background on Backblaze
1:40 - What VeeamON attendees should know about Backblaze
2:51 - What makes it unique and differentiated in the market?
4:36 - Exploring the Veeam partnership
5:12 - What's planned for the Backblaze booth at VeeamON?
7:36 - What are the big challenges facing Veeam attendees in 2024 and beyond?
8:51 - Demo
15:29 - Wrap up

Published Tuesday, May 28, 2024 7:30 AM by David Marshall
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