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Gravitee Outlines the Three Pillars of Modern API Management - VMblog Video Interview with Alex Drag

In this VMblog expert video interview, we sit down with Alex Drag, the Director of Product Marketing at Gravitee, a leading open source API platform, enabling worldwide developers and business users to build, manage and monitor their APIs.

In this interview, Drag discusses the company's solution for improving API management, focusing on the entire API lifecycle and the integration of AI for enhanced security and governance. We also explored the potential of a unified API management layer to address API sprawl and control costs in AI use cases. Finally, we discussed the upcoming Edge conference, featuring discussions on the current and future state of API management.

Kicking things off, Drag provided insight into Gravitee's role in API Management. He discussed how Gravitee improves API management by addressing the entire API lifecycle, from ideation and design to deprecation. He emphasized Gravitee's role in securing the API transaction, ensuring efficient technical and cost-effective consumption, and facilitating API discovery through developer portals. He also introduced the concept of event-native API management, allowing the exposure of event broker resources like Kafka and RabbitMQ as APIs.

Watch and learn, as Drag digs into the details behind the three pillars of good API management. The first pillar is the use of API gateways for various backend resources, including streaming and event broker services. The second pillar is the concept of a multi-gateway approach, which consolidates various APIs into one solution. The third pillar is the integration of AI into API management to make API publication, exposure, and security easier, as well as using API management to improve AI. Drag points out that these three pillars could be used to enhance both traditional APIs and event-native APIs while maintaining high security and governance.

We also discuss the upcoming Edge conference, hosted by Gravitee, which takes place virtually from June 25 to 27. Drag says the event will feature presentations from both Gravitee's team and other industry experts on the current and future state of API management. Interested individuals can register for the free event, here:

Find out more at Gravitee's website:

Jump straight in:

0:16 - Intro to Alex Drag, the Director of Product Marketing at Gravitee
0:45 - Update of the Gravitee solution; and how it improves the experience of API Management
04:08 - The three key pillars to good API management
08:39 - AI's role is in modern API management
12:17 - Dealing with the problem of API sprawl
13:49 - Gravitee conference called EDGE in June
15:22 - Wrap up and next steps

Published Thursday, May 30, 2024 8:00 AM by David Marshall
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