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Bitdefender Launches Ultimate Small Business Security

Bitdefender unveiled Ultimate Small Business Security, a powerful all-in-one security suite combining advanced device protection (antimalware), webmail protection (Outlook, Gmail), digital identity protection, password manager, unlimited VPN, continuous monitoring of business assets and so much more.

The suite is specifically designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs who manage teams of up to 25 employees and lack dedicated IT staff. It offers an easy-to-use and effective solution to address the critical security and privacy challenges these business owners face. This allows them to concentrate on running their operations smoothly, confident that their data is protected, and their digital environments are secure.

All it takes is one click on a phishing email or an employee inadvertently landing on a malicious website for a hacker to gain access to a business to steal data and bank account information or completely freeze operations using ransomware. With the work from home model here to stay (and preferred choice for small businesses to save money) the risks are now much greater. In a recent survey of 7,000 consumers worldwide, nearly a quarter experienced a security incident in the last year. Even more surprisingly, more than three-quarters conduct business and sensitive transactions on their devices, with nearly half not using any mobile security solutions.

Cybercriminals typically look for vulnerable user accounts and computers and leverage poor cybersecurity behavior (employees using weak passwords for example) to their advantage. All size businesses in every industry are in their crosshairs for immediate monetary gain but also as a way to breach larger companies further up the supply chain.

Small companies with few employees differ from larger ones in that if they experience a breach there is a real chance they will never recover because of lost money, time, and reputation. This size company needs cybersecurity protection just as much if not more than larger companies. Bitdefender Senior Vice President of Product and Engineering Florin Virlan says, "Just like accounting software, project management tools and payroll, effective cybersecurity needs to be top of mind for small business owners. It's now mandatory - without it, the risks are just far too great."

Small business owner Keith Steva stated, "As a small business I need a comprehensive and sophisticated security solution that is simple to install, self manages and provides core services instantly upon installation without customer involvement. Bitdefender has us covered."

Bitdefender Ultimate Small Business Security offers four plans depending on number of employees (3/5/10/25) and supports Windows, Windows Server, Mac, Android, and iOS. It's a complete turn-key solution for threat prevention, digital identity protection, and privacy protection.

Key Features and Benefits Include:

  • Powerful Threat Protection for the Entire Team - Each employee device is fully secured, along with servers storing customer and other sensitive information. Additionally, online activities like email, web browsing, and social media use are shielded and webmail accounts (Outlook and Gmail) are protected as well. It's seamless coverage in the office or at home.
  • Business Reputation Monitoring and Protection - Your company's accounts, digital assets, and social media presence is constantly monitored for any signs of exposure or breach attempts that could damage the company's reputation and credibility with customers.
  • Advanced Scam and Fraud Prevention - AI-powered protection trained around small business-specific scams keeps a watchful eye, proactively detecting and blocking phishing attempts, scams, malicious websites, and other shady online tactics before they reach your team. Dedicated scam protection tools and employee training create a fortified defense.
  • Digital Identity Protection and Password Management - Bitdefender Ultimate Small Business Security protects employee data (personal and business) by proactively scanning the internet including public sites, dark web, and underground forums for unauthorized leaks and data breaches that may put user accounts and identity at risk.  Additionally, a password manager is included to securely manage all passwords using a single master password.
  • Unlimited VPN for Privacy - Work remotely with confidence. With a secure VPN, employees can work productively from anywhere without fear of compromising privacy or data security in unsecure locations.
  • Centralized Management Made Simple - Through an intuitive dashboard, effortlessly manage security across your entire workforce from a single place. No cybersecurity skills are required - the user-friendly controls make it easy for anyone to configure precisely what's needed monitor and manage.


Bitdefender Ultimate Small Business Security is available now.

Published Wednesday, June 05, 2024 8:21 AM by David Marshall
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