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Tricentis Launches Tosca Copilot to Boost Productivity and Quality Across the Entire Testing Lifecycle

Tricentis announced the launch of Tricentis Tosca Copilot, the latest addition to its suite of generative AI-powered Tricentis Copilot solutions. Tosca Copilot has been designed to boost productivity gains and increase application quality at every phase of the testing lifecycle without compromising responsible usage, safety, or accessibility.

Tosca Copilot is a generative AI assistant that helps QA teams quickly find, understand, and optimize test assets through an intuitive chat interface. This ensures greater efficiency, faster onboarding, and reduced redundancy. Integrated seamlessly as an add-on within Tricentis Tosca, users can interact with the Copilot directly in the Tosca Commander interface. By leveraging advanced LLMs and proprietary embeddings, the Copilot enhances productivity across all phases of test automation.

Initial Tosca Copilot capabilities include:

  • Test portfolio optimization: Tosca Copilot helps users to quickly find unused test cases, duplicates, unlinked assets, specific executions, and tests linked to application elements, and then perform mass changes or modifications. By chatting with the Tosca Copilot in natural language, these requests can be converted into complex Tosca Query Language queries, saving hours of manual work, eliminating redundancy, and enabling non-technical users to manage assets efficiently.
  • Comprehensive test case explanation: Tosca Copilot enables users to quickly understand long, complex workflows by summarizing end-to-end tests in simple, natural language. This functionality boosts productivity, simplifies maintenance, and accelerates onboarding for new team members.
  • Execution insights: By quickly interpreting execution results and providing meaningful, actionable insights, Tosca Copilot helps users troubleshoot issues and defects faster. This leads to quicker issue resolution, shorter release cycles, and significant time savings.

These capabilities translate into benefits including:

  • Time savings: Time spent on complex testing activities can be cut in half. Execution insights resolve issues faster, leading to shorter release cycles and significant time savings.
  • Productivity gains: Tosca Copilot simplifies onboarding and accelerates learning to empower new staff, leading to quicker productivity gains and more efficient workflows.
  • Cost savings: Costs are cut by minimizing repetitive testing tasks, eliminating unused or duplicate assets, and reducing redundancy in the test portfolio.

"Tricentis Copilot offers a fully integrated solution to leverage the latest generative AI capabilities to greatly simplify testing. This user-centric experience enables users to safely and responsibly complete complex testing tasks that other general purpose, generative-AI tools cannot," explained Mav Turner, Chief Product and Strategy Officer, Tricentis.

The Tosca Copilot solution has been beta-tested by a range of organizations which are already reporting its value and positive benefits, such as Accenture-owned ARZ Allgemeines Rechenzentrum GmbH.

"The integration of AI with testing levels the playing field for all team members, regardless of technical skill level. This allows even citizen testers to play a greater role in testing for fewer errors and greater productivity, leading to faster time to market and lower costs," continued Turner. "We're already witnessing a 16% to 43% reduction in test failure rates with Tricentis AI tools, and up to a 50% increase in test case generation."

The addition of Tosca Copilot to the Tricentis suite of generative AI-powered test automation assistants follows the launch of Tricentis Testim Copilot in April to make test creation faster and test code more understandable. A new Tricentis Copilot solution for Tricentis qTest will also be added to simplify and accelerate test case generation using generative AI and streamline the user experience as part of the rolling Tricentis Copilot program.

Tosca Copilot is available today. Learn more about how Tosca Copilot and Testim Copilot can help your team move faster and achieve better quality at

The waitlist to join the beta program for qTest Copilot is now open and new users can sign up here.

Published Wednesday, June 05, 2024 8:38 AM by David Marshall
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