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Cequence Security and IG Technologies Partner to Deliver Cutting-Edge API Protection to the Caribbean and Latin America

Cequence announced a new partnership with IG Technologies, a premier cybersecurity provider with a robust global presence in the U.S., Caribbean, and Latin America. IG Technologies delivers top-tier security solutions that address today's dynamic security challenges. This strategic collaboration empowers IG Technologies' customers to seamlessly integrate with Cequence's industry-leading Unified API Protection Platform (UAP) to ensure comprehensive defense against attacks, safeguarding APIs on all fronts. 

The cybersecurity community has long championed the power of APIs for their versatility, unlocking a multitude of advantages like enhanced efficiency and unparalleled flexibility in developing modern applications. However, a critical gap remains. Security teams often lack the visibility and defense capabilities needed to protect APIs from sophisticated attacks. These attacks can target both flawlessly coded APIs and those weakened by coding errors released into production. 

"The double-edged sword of APIs - their growing popularity and vulnerability to attacks - necessitates a proactive approach for companies. Prioritizing a comprehensive discovery of their entire API footprint is the first crucial step," said Ameya Talwalkar, CEO of Cequence. "Through this partnership, expanding reach through IG Technologies' network empowers businesses of all sizes in the Caribbean and Latin America to fortify their APIs and combat evolving threats." 

With Cequence, IG Technologies' customers and resellers gain a powerful, all-in-one solution that replaces disjointed tools for API testing, bot management, and managed services. Customers will not only streamline API discovery and protection but also unlock advanced attack surface management capabilities, enabling proactive threat detection and defense. The result is a simplified yet vastly strengthened API security posture. 

Cequence Security's UAP platform is unparalleled in addressing all phases of the API security lifecycle. It provides: 

  • Attack Surface Discovery: Unmasks threat actor tactics with the latest attack surface view, prioritizing risks for zero-friction security.
  • API Security Posture Management: Safeguards APIs by assessing risk across the entire inventory, ensuring compliance, and actively detecting and remediating coding errors.
  • API Threat Detection and Response: Protects against the full range of bot attacks, preventing data loss, theft, and fraud, eliminating downtime, brand damage, skewed sales analytics, and increased infrastructure costs.

"Our partnership with Cequence will transform how we approach API security, offering unparalleled protection and streamlined integration for our customers and resellers," said Iris Garcia, CEO at IG Technologies. "Robust API security is paramount in these regions, where unique cybersecurity threats and a growing reliance on APIs for digital interactions intersect. Our integration with Cequence's UAP will empower businesses to continuously safeguard their critical assets." 

Published Wednesday, July 10, 2024 3:24 PM by David Marshall
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