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Enhancing Sustainability and Efficiency: Why IT Professionals Should Consider Alternatives to VMware

As IT professionals consider an alternative to VMware, they should also consider improving sustainability. Efficient infrastructure software offers substantial sustainability benefits for modern data centers. This type of software integrates storage services, server virtualization, and network services into a single package, significantly enhancing server performance and reducing the number of physical servers required. Organizations can lower energy consumption, decrease electronic waste, and achieve significant cost savings in capital and operational expenditures by adopting efficient infrastructure software.

Additionally, such software solutions mitigate vendor lock-in, providing the flexibility to choose hardware based on performance, cost, and sustainability criteria. They support long-term hardware flexibility, extending the operational life of servers well beyond their original warranties. Built-in redundancy and seamless failover capabilities ensure continuous operation, even as hardware ages.

Efficient infrastructure software also eliminates the need for dedicated all-flash storage arrays by integrating storage services directly into the server infrastructure, using cost-effective server-class SSDs. Moreover, it incorporates backup best practices, streamlining data protection and reducing the need for separate storage systems and servers.'s VergeOS meets all these requirements, delivering comprehensive sustainability benefits while offering significant cost savings compared to VMware. Its licensing model, which charges per server rather than core, further enhances cost efficiency and sustainability.

For more detailed insights into the sustainability benefits of efficient infrastructure software, visit the full article.
Published Wednesday, July 10, 2024 7:35 AM by David Marshall
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