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Company Profile: Catalogic Software

Catalogic Software helps organizations worldwide gain visibility, insight and control over their data with an actionable catalog. Catalogic is committed to delivering the industry's most robust instant copy data solutions.

Catalogic Software is controlling the $44B data deluge

Data is the new currency of business. Customers need to gain visibility, insight and control to maximize data access and drive operational efficiency and business agility. Catalogic Software provides instant copy data solutions based on cataloging data and mountable snapshots for instant data access across your enterprise and reduces storage infrastructure costs by 20-40%. As an innovator, Catalogic Software is committed to delivering the industry's best copy data solutions platform.

Catalogic started with engineers and mathematicians who came together to build and extensible software platform that reduce the complexities and costs related to data and computing. Catalogic believes that all data access should come from instantly mountable data access.  We also believe that you should be able to leverage your existing infrastructure and have visibility, insight and control over your copy data.  Solutions today should be simple and intuitive, easy to install and provide significant TCO / ROI.  Catalogic software is easy to install, has a simple but powerful interface that allows you to manage and control your data in local, remote and cloud envionments.

Catalogic is the next wave of data management

Today, Catalogic’s instant copy data management solutions include enterprise catalog management; Catalogic ECX catalogs files, virtual machines and objects for primary and copy data. ECX allows storage administrators to create automated workflows for a number of use cases including recovery, disaster recovery, Test/Dev – Dev/Ops, and Big Data / Analytics.  Catalogic DPX delivers the fastest and most resource efficient backup and recovery for physical, virtual and cloud environments, with fully integrated disaster recovery and Bare Metal Recovery. Catalogic Software is impassioned about bringing innovative intelligent data protection management solutions that catalog, protect and manage large and mid-size customer environments around the world.

Headquartered in New Jersey, Catalogic has subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and Germany. An international network of partners, system integrators and resellers sell and deploy Catalogic intelligent data protection management as integral components of their IT solutions.