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Company Profile: Cloudistics

The Power of Simplicity

We are driven to democratize IT through next-generation virtualization infrastructure products. To us, this means building high-performance software that enables businesses of all sizes to simplify and optimize their infrastructure. Cloudistics products are built using a design-first, application-centric approach. Our products enable businesses to deploy, manage, and optimize their applications with minimal effort and reduced costs so they can focus on their IP instead of IT.

The Vision of Turbine

Cloudistics Turbine is the only application acceleration appliance that was designed to transform your existing SAN to perform at flash-speeds in 15 minutes.

Simplifying the Complex

Turbine was created to immediately accelerate applications within EXISTING, often complex infrastructures to solve the growing business problem of poor storage performance in virtual environments.

It’s All About Your Applications

Turbine was built to optimize and accelerate all applications—Database, VDI, SAP, etc.—through a plug-and-play solution that performs as fast as or faster than an all-flash array.

Innovative Software

Turbine’s the only elegant storage virtualization software that adaptively analyzes I/O patterns to provide optimal application performance and run your applications at the speed of business.

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