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Company Profile: Voleer

With the increasing complexity of IT systems, organizations large and small spend more time reacting to problems instead of proactively optimizing their IT systems and environments. Voleer is empowering IT teams to solve problems, deploy solutions and monitor the systems they use today to gain visibility – and more effective management of - resource utilization, security gaps, data governance, and more.

Microsoft 365 assessments from Voleer allow IT Service Providers to analyze customer environments to discover issues, resulting in revenue opportunities and helping end-users be secure, ensure adoption, reduce costs, and help plan the suite's future expansion. These recommendations elevate the provider status to a trusted advisor and increase the perceived value they bring to the cloud services.

Partner with Voleer and become part of a growing ecosystem committed to helping customers do more with the IT solutions they already own. Voleer enables you to simplify complex tasks and manage multiple end-user environments so you can optimize your resources and spend more time serving customers and building your business.

Start using the tools for free with a 30-day free trial to try out all of Voleer’s features. No credit card is required. Sign up, browse the library of tools, run your first automation and see the value of Voleer!

About Voleer:

Voleer is a product of BitTitan, a company with over a decade of industry leadership empowering IT service professionals to successfully deploy and manage cloud technologies through automation. BitTitan has moved over 19 million users to the cloud for 43,000 customers in 187 countries and supports leading cloud ecosystems including Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Dropbox.