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Company Profile: Algoblu
Algoblu is one of the earliest start-ups in the world to innovate in the SD-WAN technology area. Since its inception, Algoblu’s mission was to build a flexible, programmable network that focuses on virtualizing network resources to achieve increased flexibility and scalability for telecom companies and enterprise customers. Today, Algoblu has developed a product line based on its network resource virtualization technology that has been adopted by customers around the world.

Algoblu’s executive team and employees have deep expertise in the field of SDN, SD-WAN, cloud computing, and collaboration communications from global companies such as Cisco and Dell. The company filed more than 30 SDN and SD-WAN related technology patents in both the U.S. and China.

Algoblu has built up its backbone across the world with more than 200 nodes. Algoblu's existing hundreds of corporate users span financial, insurance, retail, telecom operators, IDC, gaming, smart transportation, e-commerce, education, sports, manufacturing and many other industries, including some of the world's top 500 companies.