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Why backup is breaking hyper-converged infrastructure and how to fix it
The goal of a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is to simplify how to apply compute, network and storage resources to applications. Ideally, the data center’s IT needs are consolidated down to a single architecture that automatically scales as the organization needs to deploy more applications or expand existing ones. The problem is that the backup process often breaks the consolidation effort by requiring additional independent architectures to create a complete solution.

How Backup Breaks Hyperconvergence

Backup creates several separate architectures outside of the HCI architecture. Each of these architectures need independent management. First, the backup process will often require a dedicated backup server. That server will run on a stand-alone system and then connect to the HCI solution to perform a backup. Second, the dedicated backup server will almost always have its own storage system to store data backed up from the HCI. Third, there are some features, like instant recovery and off-site replication, that require production quality storage to function effectively.

The answer for IT is to find a backup solution that fully integrates with the HCI solution, eliminating the need to create these additional silos.