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Mastering vSphere – Best Practices, Optimizing Configurations & More
Do you regularly work with vSphere? If so, this free eBook is for you. Learn how to leverage best practices for the most popular features contained within the vSphere platform and boost your productivity using tips and tricks learnt direct from an experienced VMware trainer and highly qualified professional. In this eBook, vExpert Ryan Birk shows you how to master: Advanced Deployment Scenarios using Auto-Deploy Shared Storage Performance Monitoring and Troubleshooting Host Network configurati

If you’re here to gather some of the best practices surrounding vSphere, you’ve come to the right place! Mastering vSphere: Best Practices, Optimizing Configurations & More, the free eBook authored by me, Ryan Birk, is the product of many years working with vSphere as well as teaching others in a professional capacity. In my extensive career as a VMware consultant and teacher (I’m a VMware Certified Instructor) I have worked with people of all competence levels and been asked hundreds - if not thousands - of questions on vSphere. I was approached to write this eBook to put that experience to use to help people currently working with vSphere step up their game and reach that next level. As such, this eBook assumes readers already have a basic understanding of vSphere and will cover the best practices for four key aspects of any vSphere environment.

The best practices covered here will focus largely on management and configuration solutions so should remain relevant for quite some time. However, with that said, things are constantly changing in IT, so I would always recommend obtaining the most up-to-date information from VMware KBs and official documentation especially regarding specific versions of tools and software updates. This eBook is divided into several sections, and although I would advise reading the whole eBook as most elements relate to others, you might want to just focus on a certain area you’re having trouble with. If so, jump to the section you want read about.

Before we begin, I want to note that in a VMware environment, it’s always best to try to keep things simple. Far too often I have seen environments be thrown off the tracks by trying to do too much at once. I try to live by the mentality of “keeping your environment boring” – in other words, keeping your host configurations the same, storage configurations the same and network configurations the same. I don’t mean duplicate IP addresses, but the hosts need identical port groups, access to the same storage networks, etc. Consistency is the name of the game and is key to solving unexpected problems down the line. Furthermore, it enables smooth scalability - when you move from a single host configuration to a cluster configuration, having the same configurations will make live migrations and high availability far easier to configure without having to significantly re-work the entire infrastructure. Now the scene has been set, let’s get started!

TechGenix Product Review: DataCore vFilO Software-Defined Storage
TechGenix gave DataCore’s vFilO 4.7 stars, which is a gold star review, in its product review. The review found that its interface is relatively intuitive so long as you have a basic understanding of file shares and enterprise storage. Its ability to assign objectives to shares, directories, and even individual files, and the seamless blending of block, file, and object storage delivers a new generation of storage system that is flexible and very powerful.
Managing an organization’s many distributed files and file storage systems has always been challenging, but this task has become far more complex in recent years. System admins commonly find themselves trying to manage several different types of cloud and data center storage, each with its own unique performance characteristics and costs. Bringing all of this storage together in a cohesive way while also keeping costs in check can be a monumental challenge. Not to mention how disruptive data migrations tend to be when space runs short. While there are a few products that use an abstraction layer to provide a consolidated view of an organization’s storage, it is important to keep in mind that all storage is not created equally.
Why MSPs Prefer Microsoft 365 over Office 365
Take a look into Microsoft 365 and see how your business can design, package, and deliver services to increase your bottom line with this white paper from BitTitan.
Meet Microsoft 365, an extension of the Office suite that includes tools for the complete management of users’ operating systems, mobile devices, and network security. But these tools don’t do all the work themselves. As your customer’s trusted technology partner, additional management duties fall to you. They also present new opportunities for project-based and recurring revenue. In this white paper from BitTitan, we dive into Microsoft 365 and how your business can design, package and deliver services to increase your bottom line.
Planning for Office 365 Tenant Migrations
Learn how BitTitan MigrationWiz helps you support coexistence among Office 365 tenants during long-term projects in this white paper.
From consolidating business units after an acquisition to splitting up an existing tenant, the frequency of Office 365 tenant migrations is only increasing. Just like any other type of migration, the key to success lies in a thorough, tested project plan.

In this white paper from BitTitan, we outline the top approaches to planning and preparing for your Office 365 tenant migration including:

  • Assessing the Source environment and mapping dependencies
  • Determining what needs to be migrated
  • Planning the cutover
  • Handling scale and complexity through automation with MigrationWiz
Secure Tenant-to-Tenant Migrations: Considerations for the Enterprise
In this white paper we discuss the circumstances surrounding these migrations, and the role of a third-party tool such as MigrationWiz in mitigating the business risk.
In this white paper we discuss the circumstances surrounding these migrations, and the role of a third-party tool such as MigrationWiz in mitigating the business risk. We explore what MigrationWiz offers enterprises that are undertaking these migrations and how it addresses their security concerns. We also offer a structured approach for tackling these multifaceted projects.
Migration Tools: Comparing Free v. Paid Solutions
In this white paper from BitTitan we compare the high costs associated with operating "free" tools versus using MigrationWiz® for your next migration project.

Free is good, right? Some software companies offer free migration tools to attract you to their solution. But you probably know by now – nothing is truly free.

You’ll soon discover that the cost of “free” migration tools is spent on support items like software licensing, hardware, and engineering costs.

In this white paper we compare the high costs associated with operating "free" tools versus using MigrationWiz for your next migration project.

The Handbook for Teams Migrations
Microsoft Teams quickly gaining users as a popular collaboration application. Discover the top pre- and post- migration considerations for a successful Microsoft Teams tenant to tenant migrations in this white paper from BitTitan.

The popular workstream collaboration application from Microsoft is quickly gaining users amidst the ongoing shift to Office 365. As adoption continues to grow, so too does the need to migrate Teams instances as part of the broader tenant-to-tenant migration scenario.

In this white paper from BitTitan, we outline the top pre- and post-migration considerations necessary to ensure a successful project for this new workload.