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VPN vs. VDI - What Should You Choose?
Many organizations are using Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to provide employees with access to their digital workspaces. However, as VPN is posing a global data security risk to businesses, IT departments may want to re-think their strategy when it comes to providing remote access. What are the differences between VPN and VDI, and which one should you choose?

With times changing continuously in the tech world, more and more workloads are moving to the cloud and a VPN solution is becoming outdated - services are no longer just located in your office or data center, but a hybrid combination of on-premises and public cloud services. Leveraging cloud-based solutions means that your company can centrally control access to applications while reinforcing security.

As an affordable all-in-one VDI solution, Parallels RAS allows users to securely access virtual workspaces from anywhere, on any device, anytime. Parallels RAS centralizes management of the IT infrastructure, streamlines multi-cloud deployments, enhances data security, and improves process automation.