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Evaluator Group Report on Liqid Composable Infrastructure
In this report from Eric Slack, Senior Analyst at the Evaluator Group, learn how Liqid’s software-defined platform delivers comprehensive, multi-fabric composable infrastructure for the industry’s widest array of data center resources.
Composable Infrastructures direct-connect compute and storage resources dynamically—using virtualized networking techniques controlled by software. Instead of physically constructing a server with specific internal devices (storage, NICs, GPUs or FPGAs), or cabling the appropriate device chassis to a server, composable enables the virtual connection of these resources at the device level as needed, when needed.

Download this report from Eric Slack, Senior Analyst at the Evaluator Group to learn how Liqid’s software-defined platform delivers comprehensive, multi-fabric composable infrastructure for the industry’s widest array of data center resources.
GigaOM Key Criteria for Software-Defined Storage – Vendor Profile: DataCore Software
DataCore SANsymphony is one of the most flexible solutions in the software-defined storage (SDS) market, enabling users to build modern storage infrastructures that combine software-defined storage functionality with storage virtualization and hyperconvergence. This results in a very smooth migration path from traditional infrastructures based on physical appliances and familiar data storage approaches, to a new paradigm built on flexibility and agility.
DataCore SANsymphony is a scale-out solution with a rich feature set and extensive functionality to improve resource optimization and overall system efficiency. Data services exposed to the user include snapshots with continuous data protection and remote data replication options, including a synchronous mirroring capability to build metro clusters and respond to demanding, high-availability scenarios. Encryption at rest can be configured as well, providing additional protection for data regardless of the physical device on which it is stored.

On top of the core block storage services provided in its SANsymphony products, DataCore recently released vFiLo to add file and object storage capabilities to its portfolio. VFiLo enables users to consolidate additional applications and workloads on its platform, and to further simplify storage infrastructure and its management. The DataCore platform has been adopted by cloud providers and enterprises of all sizes over the years, both at the core and at the edge.

SANsymphony combines superior flexibility and support for a diverse array of use cases with outstanding ease of use. The solution is mature and provides a very broad feature set. DataCore boasts a global partner network that provides both products and professional services, while its sales model supports perpetual licenses and subscription options typical of competitors in the sector. DataCore excels at providing tools to build balanced storage infrastructures that can serve multiple workloads and scale in different dimensions, while keeping complexity and cost at bay.

Switch to Parallels Remote Application Server and Save 60% Compared to Citrix
Saving 60% just by switching from one virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution to another sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong! Migrating from Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops to Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) can yield significant cost savings - and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Download this white paper today to learn how your organization can save up to 60% when you switch from Citrix to Parallels RAS.
Citrix Solutions is one of the most successful providers in the virtualization space. But their products come with certain limitations, including a complicated array of multiple editions and licensing modes, with each having a different feature set and rather steep price tag.

Parallels Remote Appplication Server (RAS), on the other hand, is a one stop solution for all your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) needs.

Parallels RAS offers a single edition for on-premises, hybrid and cloud setups, which comes with a full set of enterprise-level features to help you deliver a secure, scalable and centrally managed solution.

In this white paper, we discuss the common challenges customers face with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and explore how you can save up to 60% on costs with Parallels RAS—all while reducing the complexity for your IT team and improving the user experience for your employees.

Download the white paper to learn more!