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Blast Radius Identification and Isolation
Security teams need access to actionable information about everything in the network—where devices are located, how they interact, and all relevant details about their configuration and state. With the Forward Networks blast radius feature, they have the ability to not only isolate devices and cut off paths after an attack, but they can also prevent hosts from being vulnerable to attackers in the first place.

When looking to identify and isolate compromised network hosts, the following questions are important to answer promptly and accurately:

  • What are all the possible paths attackers can take from the compromised host?
  • What ports can they access?
  • What objects are along these paths, and what do those devices touch?
  • Is it possible for the attackers to move laterally in the network to reach critical systems or exfiltrate data to the internet?
The Forward Enterprise blast radius feature allows security operations professionals to answer those questions with one click. They can get detailed information about a compromised host, all the other devices reachable by that compromised host, and all possible traffic flows.

Once the exposure is identified, isolating the devices is a much simpler and faster process. Read the use case for more details, including an example of how the blast radius feature can locate the host device and document in seconds every destination, protocol, and L4 port it could possibly reach.