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How Mobile App Protection Fits into a Broader Security Strategy
Mobile app security is a key, but often overlooked aspect of an organization’s broader security plan. Neglecting mobile security leaves organizations vulnerable to security incidents and breaches, even if their servers and networks are protected. In this solution guide, Guardsquare presents a history and overview of various security strategies, the growing importance of mobile app security, and steps that an organization can take to strengthen the security postures of their mobile apps.

Prioritizing Mobile Application Security

Despite the increase of cyberattacks targeting mobile applications, most organizations neglect, or deprioritize mobile application security until it’s too late. The coverage of high-profile breaches and security incidents involving mobile apps in the news tells us that mobile app security should be a high priority in every organization’s broader security strategy. Failing to properly secure your mobile apps can result in the following:

●    Financial loss
●    Reputational damage
●    Customer data loss
●    IP theft
●    And more

This whitepaper shows organizations how to prioritize mobile app security by focusing on building better relationships between development and security teams. This resource also provides a history and overview of software development and steps that an organization can follow to build a concrete strategy to strengthen their overall mobile app security posture.

Download the full report here.

Safeguarding Your Critical Data from Ransomware Threats
Ransomware attacks are on the rise and targeting organizations of all sizes and industries. Given the value of data to business today and the alarming rise in cyberattacks, securing and protecting critical data assets is one of the most important responsibilities in the enterprise. To help you fulfill this essential mission, we’ve pulled together some best practices to help you lock down your data and reduce the risk posed by ransomware and other security breaches.
The threat of ransomware is growing, while businesses are relying more and more on data. Is your IT team prepared to shield critical data and infrastructure from cyber criminals?

Thankfully, new best practices, strategies, and technologies can help you meet the threat head on.

With our eBook, “Safeguarding Your Critical Data from Ransomware Threats: Best Practices for Backup and Recovery” you’ll gain insight from our subject matter experts that will:
  • Help you lock down your data and reduce the risk of ransomware attacks freezing your business
  • Teach you about critical IT tactics to consider as part of your backup and recovery strategy
  • Get a conversation started in your organization about security and meeting key service level objectives  for the business