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Data Protection as a Service - Simplify Your Backup and Disaster Recovery
Data protection is a catch-all term that encompasses a number of technologies, business practices and skill sets associated with preventing the loss, corruption or theft of data. The two primary data protection categories are backup and disaster recovery (DR) — each one providing a different type, level and data protection objective. While managing each of these categories occupies a significant percentage of the IT budget and systems administrator’s time, it doesn’t have to. Data protection can
Simplify Your Backup and Disaster Recovery

Today, there are an ever-growing number of threats to businesses and uptime is crucial. Data protection has never been a more important function of IT. As data center complexity and demand for new resources increases, the difficulty of providing effective and cost-efficient data protection increases as well.

Luckily, data protection can now be provided as a service.

Get this white paper to learn:
  • How data protection service providers enable IT teams to focus on business objectives
  • The difference, and importance, of cloud-based backup and disaster recovery
  • Why cloud-based backup and disaster recovery are required for complete protection
Mind The Gap: Understanding the threats to your Office 365 data
Download this whitepaper to learn more about how you can prevent, or mitigate, these common Office 365 data threats: External threats like ransomware, Malicious insiders, User-errors and accidental keystrokes.
From corporate contacts to sensitive messages and attachments, email systems at all companies contain some of the most important data needed to keep business running and successful. At the same time, your office productivity suite of documents, notes and spreadsheets created by your employees is equally vital. Unfortunately, in both cases, protecting that data is increasingly challenging. Microsoft provides what some describe as marginal efforts to protect and backup data, however the majority of the burden is placed on the customer.

Download this whitepaper to learn more about how you can prevent, or mitigate, these common Office 365 data threats:
•    External threats like ransomware
•    Malicious insiders
•    User-errors and accidental keystrokes

How iland supports Zero Trust security
This paper explains the background of Zero Trust security and how organizations can achieve this to protect themselves from outside threats.
Recent data from Accenture shows that, over the last five years, the number of security breaches has risen 67 percent, the cost of cybercrime has gone up 72 percent, and the complexity and sophistication of the threats has also increased.

As a result, it should come as no surprise that innovative IT organizations are working to adopt more comprehensive security strategies as the potential damage to business revenue and reputation increases. Zero Trust is one of those strategies that has gained significant traction in recent years.

In this paper we'll discuss:
  • What is Zero Trust?
  • The core tenants of iland’s security capabilities and contribution to supporting Zero Trust.
    • Physical - Still the first line of defense
    • Logical - Security through technology
    • People and process - The critical layer
    • Accreditation - Third-party validation
  • Security and compliance as a core iland value
How to Pick a Cloud Your CIO Will Love: 13 Questions to Ask
This paper answers 13 of the top questions you should be asking yourself as you evaluate cloud providers.

You’ve been managing your infrastructure in-house and it’s become too much to maintain – from both a cost and labor perspective. It’s time to pick a cloud provider. But, you don’t know where to start. What sort of things should you look for? What’s really important? (Hint: there are more items to keep in mind than just the cost.)

Read our latest white paper, where we answer 13 of the top questions you should be asking yourself as you evaluate cloud providers.

Here’s a sneak peek:
•    What software and hardware technologies does the cloud provider utilize?
•    Is the environment public or private?
•    Is it self-managed by you or managed by the provider?

Disaster Recovery: Make the Case to Add It to Your IT Budget
For a complete, fully resilient business continuity solution, organizations must employ both backups and DR. This paper addresses common myths business leaders may think about disaster recovery (DR).

Business leaders across the globe may think disaster recovery (DR) is too expensive, too complex or that a disaster is unlikely to impact them. Yet human error, cybercrime or a natural disaster can cause their company’s digital infrastructure to come crashing down in a split second. Then what?

Get this white paper to learn about:
•    What can constitute an IT disaster
•    Why you need more than just backups
•    The affordability, scalability and agility of DR
•    The variety of use cases for DR
•    How iland has helped companies like yours