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Making M&A Integration Faster, Cheaper and More Successful with Liquit
Download this eBook today for practical insights on how Liquit can free valuable time for IT teams during and after the M&A process. You’ll learn how Liquit makes it easy for IT to deliver anywhere, any device, any group application access with user context. This ensures faster collaboration and productivity while freeing IT to tackle bigger IT integration projects.

You will also discover how you can:

Quickly Create adaptive and customized M&A workspace

IT teams can quickly set up a branded Liquit Workspace integrated with existing workspaces for a single user interface on the front end while enabling fast individual and group user customization via the back end. This enables you to meet changing user application and platform needs during and after M&A.

Quickly adapt to application user needs

Take application provisioning, updating, and versioning from hours to minutes for hundreds of users, along with access to thousands of curated applications to deliver merging workforce productivity. 

Unify application access provisioning

Eliminate the nightmare of access provisioning across varied on-premises and cloud environments for thousands of users in minutes rather than hours without uprooting native SSO and IAM that are constantly in flux during and after M&A.

Dramatically reduce cost and time expenditures

Eliminate collaboration and communication bottlenecks across on-premises, VDI platforms and clouds while freeing IT time for bigger M&A integration projects and lowering licensing and IT costs.