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The State of Multicloud: Virtual Desktop Deployments
Download this free 15-page report to understand the key differences and benefits to the many cloud deployment models and the factors that are driving tomorrow’s decisions.

The future of compute is in the cloud

Flexible, efficient, and economical, the cloud is no longer a question - it's the answer.

IT professionals that once considered if or when to migrate to the cloud are now talking about how. Earlier this year, we reached out to thousands of IT professionals to learn more about how.

Private Cloud, On-Prem, Public Cloud, Hybrid, Multicloud - each of these deployment models offers unique advantages and challenges. We asked IT decision-makers how they are currently leveraging the cloud and how they plan to grow.

Survey respondents overwhelmingly believed in the importance of a hybrid or multicloud strategy, regardless of whether they had actually implemented one themselves.

The top reasons for moving workloads between clouds

  • Cost Savings
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Data Center Location
  • Availability of Virtual Machines/GPUs
Key Considerations for Configuring Virtual Desktops for Remote Work
Teradici is committed to supporting companies through their search for a sustainable solution to enable their remote workforce quickly and easily. We are here as experienced advisors with guidance to help you maintain secure and uninterrupted operations.

With most of the world working from home for the foreseeable future due to COVID-19, we've prepared this guide to help you enable and sustain a remote workforce.

Download this guide and learn:

  • How to assess your current setup
  • How to keep desktops secure in a remote environment
  • Various remote connectivity options (datacenter, public cloud, hybrid environment)
See It, Fix It, Manage It: Ensuring Hybrid and Multi-cloud Applications Are Reliable and Secure
Most enterprises are moving to hybrid or multi-cloud architectures. Operating these environments requires IT teams to rethink their approach to monitoring and reporting on applications and environments. Cloud services differ in functions which makes achieving and maintaining a consistent configuration difficult but not impossible. A significant portion of companies plan to utilize third-party products, reducing some of the variability in feature capabilities across clouds to simplify management.

The author of this Pathfinder report is Mike Fratto, a Senior Research Analyst on the Applied Infrastructure & DevOps team at 451 Research, a part of S&P Global Market Intelligence. Pathfinder reports navigate decision-makers through the issues surrounding a specific technology or business case, explore the business value of adoption, and recommend the range of considerations and concrete next steps in the decision-making process.

This report explores the following topics:

  • the growth of already commonplace cloud usage for mission-critical applications
  • the importance of cloud governance
  • the top cloud security concerns for enterprises
  • the adoption of third-party tools for cloud management
  • the steps IT teams should take to make their cloud environments more secure and reliable
Solving the BIG problems in cloud computing
The two big challenges in deploying and growing cloud usage are cost and security. Shadow IT has contributed to those challenges by causing overspending and exposing organizations to significant security risks. So, how should enterprises address both hybrid (on-premises and in the cloud) and multi-cloud challenges? This research reviews new technologies and approaches that can improve visibility for IT teams, enable security policies across the entire network, and manage costs more effectively.

Vladimir Galabov, Director, Cloud and Data Center Research, and Rik Turner, Principal Analyst, Emerging Technologies, are the co-authors of this eBook from Omdia, a data, research, and consulting business that offers expert analysis and strategic insight to empower decision-making surrounding new technologies.

This eBook covers the following topics:

  • the current landscape of cloud computing, including the BIG problems
  • the advantages of using a multi-cloud approach
  • the dangers of shadow IT, including billing surprises and security breaches
  • the move of mission-critical applications to the cloud
  • the considerations regarding cloud security, including recommendations for IT teams