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Safeguarding Your Critical Data from Ransomware Threats
Ransomware attacks are on the rise and targeting organizations of all sizes and industries. Given the value of data to business today and the alarming rise in cyberattacks, securing and protecting critical data assets is one of the most important responsibilities in the enterprise. To help you fulfill this essential mission, we’ve pulled together some best practices to help you lock down your data and reduce the risk posed by ransomware and other security breaches.
The threat of ransomware is growing, while businesses are relying more and more on data. Is your IT team prepared to shield critical data and infrastructure from cyber criminals?

Thankfully, new best practices, strategies, and technologies can help you meet the threat head on.

With our eBook, “Safeguarding Your Critical Data from Ransomware Threats: Best Practices for Backup and Recovery” you’ll gain insight from our subject matter experts that will:
  • Help you lock down your data and reduce the risk of ransomware attacks freezing your business
  • Teach you about critical IT tactics to consider as part of your backup and recovery strategy
  • Get a conversation started in your organization about security and meeting key service level objectives  for the business
Mind the Gap: Understanding the threats to your Microsoft 365 data
Download this whitepaper to learn more about how you can prevent, or mitigate, these common Microsoft 365 data threats: external threats like ransomware, malicious insiders, user-errors, accidental keystrokes, and retention policy gaps.
From corporate contacts to sensitive messages and attachments, email systems at all companies contain some of the most important data needed to keep business running and successful. At the same time, your office productivity suite of documents, notes, and spreadsheets created by your employees is equally vital.

Unfortunately, in both cases, protecting that data is increasingly challenging. Microsoft provides what some describe as marginal efforts to protect and backup data, leaving the majority of the burden on the customer.

Download this white paper to learn more about how you can prevent, or mitigate, these common Microsoft 365 data threats:
•    External threats like ransomware
•    Malicious insiders
•    User-errors and accidental keystrokes
•    Retention policy gaps and confusion

Gorilla Guide to Real-Time Ransomware Detection and Recovery
Not only does Ransomware threaten the very way we do business it also forces us to adapt as rapidly as it grows in variety. This Gorilla guide includes rethinking your disaster recovery strategies to ensure you do not rely solely on backups Any potential threat to any piece of data must be detected the moment it appears, but if all else fails then we must be able to recover all data from any point in time – fast – if we are to keep pace of our attackers.

Rethink Your Ransomware Resilience and Disaster Recovery Strategy

Ransomware attacks are on the rise and the ability to detect when an attack has begun is critical to the ability to recover quickly. Attackers are constantly evolving their attack methods and traditional backup and recovery technologies simply can’t detect encryption quickly enough.

This free Gorilla Guide outlines the dangers of ransomware, the impacts to organizations, and the need to detect attacks as they are occurring in real-time. This Gorilla Guide topics include:

-    The growing threat of ransomware
-    Challenges of traditional data protection solutions
-    Comparing solutions
-    Real-time ransomware detection & recovery
-    Zerto as an all-in-one CDP solution

Understanding how early detection can help mitigate a ransomware attack and allow recovery more quickly is vital to any ransomware resilience strategy. Don’t become a victim of delayed ransomware detection by relying on periodic backup solutions.
Download the free Gorilla Guide now to get informed!

Cyber Attack Survival Guide for Healthcare
With alarming statistics of ransomware attacks on the rise, healthcare organizations need to have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place. As healthcare organizations continue to evolve and store data in disparate locations and in the hands of more users than ever before, they have to take data protection as seriously as prevention. Prevention alone is not enough, and recovery must be a crucial component of every cybersecurity strategy.

It’s Time to Attack Your Ransomware Recovery Strategy

For healthcare organizations, experiencing a cyberattack is no longer a matter of if—it’s a matter of when. Developing a clear ransomware recovery strategy is your best defense. 

Our free Cyber Attack Survival Guide for Healthcare lays out the plan of attack needed to have a fighting chance against ransomware. This survival guide features essential information, including:

  • The growing threat of cyberattacks in healthcare
  • How healthcare customers use Zerto to recover in seconds
  • The key to rapid ransomware recovery to dramatically reduce downtime and data loss  

Without a ransomware response plan, your organization remains vulnerable. Download your Cyber Attack Survival Guide for Healthcare now—it’s free!

3 Reasons Ootbi by Object First is Best for Veeam
Ransomware is rampant. Malicious and negligent threats from inside and outside the company grow by the day. Unstructured data grows exponentially every second. Disasters are ever-present. Luckily, Object First resolves all those concerns in a compact, simplistic, and cost-effective manner.
This paper will cover the biggest challenges for mid-enterprises and the available solutions in the market today. We will explain the importance of immutability to ransomware recovery and how backup storage should be secure, simple, and powerful, all without compromise. These reasons will uncover why Veeam users need to consider Ootbi, by Object First, as their primary storage target for backup and recovery.

Immutability out-of-the-box solved for Mirazon and their customers
The desire to be resilient is becoming more prevalent across all corporations. Ransomware attacks have been rising over the past years, reaching a point where an attack occurs every 11 seconds. Because of this vulnerability, Mirazon, like many, needed to find an immutable solution that is also simple to operate and affordable for their customers.

This case study will cover the story of how Ootbi by Object First helped Mirazon cope with its business challenges. 

Ransomware attacks have been rising over the past years, reaching a point where an attack occurs every 11 seconds. This staggering statistic has proven that it is not a case of if but when, causing many corporations to seek resiliency. Furthermore, backups are now the primary target for ransomware. To address this vulnerability, Mirazon needed to properly secure not only their primary data, but also their backup data as well.