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Time to Refocus IT on Applications
In this Uila sponsored white paper, Nick Howell and James Green talks about application-centric infrastructure management is a must for all Hybrid Cloud environments.
If you think about it, it’s always been about the application. Everything else was just a necessity – a means to an end – to run the application. Setting up, running, and maintaining the entire underlying infrastructure consumed 90% of our staff , resources, and capital expenditure each year... all to run a suite of applications.

Read this white paper to:
•    Gain insights into how Application and Infrastructure Complexity has deepened silos within organizations.
•    Come up to speed with the characteristics of other industry peer IT organizations who have a laser focus on the applications they’re delivering.
•    Arm yourself with insight on the Cloud-Induced Application-Centricity Challenges.
Security Analytics and Change Control in the Modern Data Center
In this Uila sponsored white paper, Nick Howell and James Green talks about challenges in security and change control in a modern data center environment.

Security is the No. 1 concern on many IT executives’ minds these days. With the rampant data leaks, breaches, and ransomware attacks in recent years, it’s no wonder that IT leaders walk on eggshells when it comes to changing anything regarding infrastructure, access, or security.

Infrastructure sprawl and complexity has made the challenge of security and managing changes to the environment more difficult to stay on top of than ever.

Read this white paper to get insights into the security and change control issues of the Modern Data Center.

How to Simplify Application-Centric Workload and Resource Planning
In this Uila sponsored white paper, Nick Howell and James Green talks about top challenges with Application-Centric Workload and Resource Planning and how you can solve them.
Transparency among teams, departments, and leaders is something many companies could improve on. IT teams are almost always oversubscribed, have a never-ending task list, and are constantly being asked to move mountains. While the things they’re asked to do are not impossible, they can be very daunting when not properly planned for or when the necessary resources are not available due to budget constraints.

You’ll never save your job in a failure scenario by blaming the company for not giving you enough money to do something required to facilitate successful business continuity. This makes planning and resource evaluation one of the (if not the) most important considerations to help you avoid landing yourself in hot water when the inevitable occurs

Read about the top challenges with Application-Centric Workload and Resource Planning and how you can solve them.
Essential Guide for Application-Centric Workload Migrations to Hybrid Cloud
Essential guide on migrating from the Private to the Hybrid Cloud environment.

IT leaders turn an eye toward the cloud when they’re looking to solve elasticity and scalability issues. One of the key differentiators of the cloud as compared to traditional infrastructure is that it’s inherently flexible.

Migrating workloads, especially complex, multi-tiered applications, can be a harrowing process. Undertaking the migration without a solid understanding of the interdependencies of applications and the exact resource requirements means almost certain failure. In today’s world, it’s understandable that failures can, do, and will happen; what’s not acceptable today is downtime. Cutovers of migrations need to be instant, or an hour at most.

Read this essential guide on Workload Migrations to learn about:

  • Availability Service Level Agreements
  • On-Premises to Public Cloud Migrations
  • Data Center to Data Center Migrations
  • Workload Migration Challenges
  • Migrate Successfully with Application-Centric Workload Visibility
Solving the Top 5 Virtualized Application and Infrastructure Problems
In this Uila sponsored white paper, David Davis talks about the Top 5 Virtualized Application and Infrastructure Problems and how to solve them.

You’ve virtualized your company’s most critical applications (or are about to) but you might have found that the virtual world is much more complicated than the physical world when the unexpected inevitably happens. So how do you prevent application performance problems and how do you troubleshoot application performance issues when they do happen? 

Learn the solutions to the top virtualization application problems BEFORE your critical applications go down in this white paper by David Davis from ActualTech Media.

vExpert Recommendations on Hybrid Cloud Migration
This white paper focusses on recommendations on Hybrid Cloud Migration VMware vExpert's.
Uila recently conducted the first of its kind Survey Panel with VMware vExperts on the state of the Hybrid Cloud initiative. The Survey is focused on Hybrid Cloud Migration and Monitoring challenges and techniques. The survey reveals the realities of the challenges with migrating to the Hybrid World.

Read this white paper to get opinion from the vExperts on:
  • State of the Hybrid Cloud World
  • Hybrid Cloud Migration Strategies
  • Hybrid Cloud Migration Planning Efforts
  • Reasons behind roll-backs or failures of the Hybrid Cloud Migration
  • Pre-assessing the Data Center for Hybrid Cloud Migration Readiness