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How VembuHIVE, a backup repository as a file system is changing the dynamics of Data Protection
MS Applications are a critical segment of the core systems managed and run in IT of most organizations. Backing them up is not enough. The effect of the backup process on your system and storage determines its efficiency. From this whitepaper, learn how VembuHIVE transforms the way backups are performed to achieve disaster-readiness.
It is imperative that Microsoft Applications like SQL, Exchange, Active Directory and many others have been instrumental in running some of the mission-critical processes of an IT setup. While there are many solutions that address its Data Protection concerns, efficient recovery from a storage medium has always been a pivotal issue. Read this white paper that includes performance and resource utilization reports on how Vembu BDR Suite with its in-house proprietary file system VembuHIVE, reduces the backup footprints on the storage repositories enabling quick recovery with minimal RTOs.
True 15-Minute RTO for Mission-Critical VMs using Vembu BDR Suite
Every minute counts when your mission-critical VMs are facing a downtime. Read this whitepaper to see how Vembu VM Replication helps you achieve the true industry-standard of 15-minute Recovery Time Objective (RTO).
When you are running critical VMs that are necessary to sustain your business, you must take all possible steps that are required to reduce their downtime. With every minute of downtime, you are losing business transactions, operations, customer trust and your brand value. Read this whitepaper to know how Vembu BDR helps protect the VM data in a simulated Online Transaction Processing scenario and achieves the industry-standard of 15 minute Recovery Time Objective.
Optimize RPO & RTO objectives while enhancing DR resilience with Vembu OffsiteDR
Being disaster-resistant is an essential requirement for any organization that is looking to ensure business continuity. Read this white paper to know how Vembu OffsiteDR helps you build a sound and resilient DR plan for your business.
As a data-driven business, a disaster plan is essential, even if it means that you’ll never need to use it. The statistics after the recent Hurricane Irma revealed that almost 40% of small businesses were never able to reopen due to extensive damages. With Vembu OffsiteDR, you can build a reliable and resilient DR strategy for your business as it replicates data from the onsite server instantaneously. You can set up a disaster recovery server in an offsite location, and when the primary server goes down, data can easily be restored from the offsite server.

Read this white paper to know more about how Vembu OffsiteDR works and why it is a suitable solution for your business.
Overcome the Data Protection Dilemma - Vembu
Selecting a high-priced legacy backup application that protects an entire IT environment or adopting a new age solution that focuses on protecting a particular area of an environment is a dilemma for every IT professional. Read this whitepaper to overcome the data protection dilemma with Vembu.
IT professionals face a dilemma while selecting a backup solution for their environment. Selecting a legacy application that protects their entire environment means that they have to tolerate high pricing and live with software that does not fully exploit the capabilities of modern IT environment.

On the other hand, they can adopt solutions that focus on a particular area of an IT environment and limited just to that environment. These solutions have a relatively small customer base which means the solution has not been vetted as the legacy applications. Vembu is a next-generation company that provides the capabilities of the new class of backup solutions while at the same time providing completeness of platform coverage, similar to legacy applications.
Understanding Windows Server Hyper-V Cluster Configuration, Performance and Security
The Windows Server Hyper-V Clusters are definitely an important option when trying to implement High Availability to critical workloads of a business. Guidelines on how to get started with things like deployment, network configurations to some of the industries best practices on performance, security, and storage management are something that any IT admin would not want to miss. Get started with reading this white paper that discusses the same through scenarios on a production field and helps yo
How do you increase the uptime of your critical workloads? How do you start setting up a Hyper-V Cluster in your organization? What are the Hyper-V design and networking configuration best practices? These are some of the questions you may have when you have large environments with many Hyper-V deployments. It is very essential for IT administrators to build disaster-ready Hyper-V Clusters rather than thinking about troubleshooting them in their production workloads. This whitepaper will help you in deploying a Hyper-V Cluster in your infrastructure by providing step-by-step configuration and consideration guides focussing on optimizing the performance and security of your setup.
VMware vSphere 6.7 Update 1 Upgrade and Security Configuration
Most businesses hugely invest in tackling the security vulnerabilities of their data centers. VMware vSphere 6.7 Upgrade 1 tackles it head-on with its functionalities that aligns with both the legacy and the modern technology capabilities. Read this white paper to know how you can maximize the security posture of vSphere workloads on production environments.
Security is a top concern when it comes to addressing data protection complexities for business-critical systems. VMware vSphere 6.7 Upgrade 1 can be the right fit for your data centers when it comes to resolving security vulnerabilities thereby helping you to take your IT infrastructure to the next level. While there are features that align with the legacy security standards, there are some of the best newly announced functionalities in vSphere 6.7 like Virtual TPM 2.0 and virtualization-based security capabilities that will help you enhance your current security measures for your production workloads. Get started with reading this white paper to know more on how you can implement a solution of this kind in your data centers.
eBook – Backup & DR Planning Guide for Small & Medium Businesses
The Backup & Disaster Recovery for SMBs - Concepts, Best Practices, and Design Decisions ebook covers in-depth the considerations that need to be made while designing your backup and disaster recovery strategy along with the concepts involved in doing so.
The Backup & Disaster Recovery for SMBs- Concepts, Best Practices, and Design Decisions ebook covers in-depth the considerations that need to be made while designing your backup and disaster recovery strategy along with the concepts involved in doing so.
  • What are RPO and RTO, and their differences
  • Why is High Availability not enough to protect your data
  • The difference between High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • 3-2-1 backup strategy to ensure data protection, and much more.