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HotLink Unveils the First Virtual Integration and Transformation Platform

HotLink Corporation emerged from stealth mode today to launch the HotLink SuperVISOR for VMware, the first solution to enable VMware vCenter users to deploy cross-platform infrastructure spanning Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (KVM). The HotLink enterprise-class virtual integration and transformation platform is the only solution to fully decouple management consoles from the underlying virtual infrastructure and enable native interoperability of hypervisors. HotLink’s enterprise customers include companies in technology, financial services, telecommunications and Internet search.   

HotLink’s approach marks a significant departure from the way heterogeneous virtual environments typically have been managed. Over two-thirds of enterprises have deployed multiple hypervisors, but management solutions for hybrid environments have been limited in number and, until now, in scope due to the technical dependencies between the management tools and the virtual infrastructure. By combining its unique platform transformation technology with a plug-in architecture, HotLink SuperVISOR allows VMware vCenter users the freedom to utilize a range of virtual infrastructures while leveraging the existing management investment and skills.

“McAfee began deploying VMware infrastructure years ago. In fact, we are in the middle of another large consolidation initiative right now,” said Mark Tonnesen, CIO of McAfee. “The HotLink SuperVISOR platform enables our team to tier the virtual infrastructure, mixing and matching hypervisors based on specific technical requirements and cost constraints. We can now seamlessly utilize VMware vCenter for cross-platform management, orchestration and workflows, while deploying the optimal virtual infrastructure for each business need.”

HotLink’s patent-pending Transformation Engine™ abstracts the underlying hypervisors and workloads from the management layer to enable mixed virtual environments to be treated as unified and native objects inside the existing VMware infrastructure. No additional management console is required. The HotLink SuperVISOR platform also provides an open architecture for policy-based automation across all of a company’s virtual infrastructures as well as automated conversion of workloads. VMware customers can now apply the most cost-effective mix of virtual infrastructures without sacrificing the ability to interoperate and seamlessly manage across their environment.

“During the past several years, Informatica systematically increased the use of virtual infrastructure to improve agility and manage costs,” said Tony Young, senior vice president and CIO of Informatica. “Standardizing on a single vendor was operationally efficient but does not deliver the cost effectiveness or flexibility we need for aggressive expansion. Adding HotLink SuperVISOR allows Informatica to introduce other hypervisors into our IT ecosystem, while leveraging our existing VMware vCenter investment for cross-platform management. This flexibility means Informatica provides higher performance infrastructure at a much lower total cost.”

HotLink SuperVISOR for VMware provides all the robustness of VMware vCenter to heterogeneous virtual infrastructure. Key capabilities include:

  • Unified Architecture - HotLink SuperVISOR for VMware is an enterprise-class platform that unifies management and standardizes integration across VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (KVM).
  • Platform Transformation - Only HotLink provides a Transformation Engine to abstract virtual infrastructure and decouple virtualization management to enable native interoperability of hypervisors.
  • Plug-in Architecture - HotLink SuperVISOR for VMware was designed with a plug-in architecture to extend VMware vCenter’s infrastructure and robust management capabilities while enabling native support of other hypervisors.
  • Workload Conversion & Migration - Snapshots are seamlessly cloned cross-platform and converted across native image formats for migration across heterogeneous environments via hot or cold migration.
  • Fine Grained Management – HotLink fully leverages VMware vCenter to provide cross-platform, fine grained host and virtual machine management, health status and security.
  • Open Extensibility - HotLink SuperVISOR for VMware is built with an open architecture for integration with enterprise system management and in-house workflows. A standard API enables uniform application of cross-platform policies and automation.

“Heterogeneity is typically synonymous with complexity. We designed HotLink SuperVISOR to tackle this problem from the bottom up -- abstracting the complexities of virtual infrastructure so customers have freedom to choose the right hypervisor for each business need and still leverage their VMware management investment,” said Lynn LeBlanc, CEO and founder of HotLink. “Transformation is the only way to provide the native scalability and flexibility needed by enterprise data centers.”

Pricing and Availability

HotLink SuperVISOR for VMware will be available on August 31. Pricing starts at $25,000. For more information, contact or visit

Published Tuesday, August 09, 2011 5:59 PM by David Marshall
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