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IGEL Technology 2018 Predictions: VDI will grow and evolve as DaaS and endpoint security ramp up

VMblog Predictions 2018

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Contributed by Matthias Haas, Chief Technology Officer, IGEL Technology

2018: VDI will grow and evolve as DaaS and endpoint security ramp up

The overall virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) market will experience double digit growth in 2018, continuing VDI's ascent as the solution of choice for enterprises serving their distributed workforces.  The market landscape will change, however, as Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) prompts more IT organizations to look at outsourcing VDI solutions.  DaaS will continue to chip away at locally deployed VDI deployments and by the end of 2018 be a totally reliable solution for small-to medium-size businesses and all startups.

By disrupting traditional on-premises, end-user computing environments, DaaS opens the door for endpoint solutions that support the flexibility DaaS offers.  DaaS will also see more movement during 2018 as organizations keep pursuing ways in which to control IT costs.  Moving from hardware investments to endpoint management software, and employing DaaS, are two means by which organizations will become more nimble and more effective at budget control.

A related change in the VDI market is an anticipated push by major vendors (Citrix, VMware) to move from perpetual licensing models to subscription-based sales models.   The as-a-service model, SaaS and DaaS included, lends itself better to recurring revenue, to greater ability to add feature sets and upsell the customer, and gives the customer a predictable budget, with more flexibility than a perpetual, locked-in license.

Endpoint Security Gains Strength

No doubt, 2018 will follow this year's mind blowing data breaches - according to recent reports from the Identity Theft Resource Center, more than 172 million records have been exposed this year, through November 29.  Incidents totaled 1,202, up 17.6% from the previous year.

We expect there will continue to be more sophisticated hacks/breaches of data with endpoints being the primary target, as cybercriminals see many opportunities to hack into the plethora of devices being used today, often on unsecured networks.

With cyberattacks escalating, enterprises will start to get more serious about protecting the endpoint, implementing more access controls and requiring stronger authentication by the end user before allowing trusted access.  Some of the important endpoint security practices organizations are increasing use of include:

  • Enforcing contextual awareness: allowing a user roaming between en devices access to applications based on who they are, and where they are. If they are in an unsecured Wi-Fi spot, access will be limited.
  • Preventing shadow IT: using device management systems to provide greater insight into highly distributed deployments and multiple devices and device classes. Key data collected by these assessment tools include usage data, the number and type of systems currently in place within the target IT environment, and the health and age of those systems.
  • Assessing IoT assets: getting a much clearer and thorough picture of IoT applications in use in an organization to identify risk and create access controls.
  • Improving DaaS security: providing inherent security for highly distributed deployments resulting out of DaaS becoming more popular. This goes beyond traditional security approaches like virus scanners and firewalls. Implementing centralized management to enforce security policies on every device.

Lastly, what we hope becomes a trend in 2018 is IT reaching out across the organization and working with other departments and divisions to educate employees, and most importantly, make security relevant to everyone in the enterprise without compromising efficiency and access to data.  Endpoint security is not just an IT problem; it's anyone's problem who casually might introduce a threat into their company's network.

Other Prediction Notes 

Will Anyone Want Pi?  We do not see the Raspberry Pi devotees celebrating much in 2018, despite the effort and noise.  Raspberry Pi will not be deployed at scale in enterprise VDI solutions due to issues such as peripheral incompatibility. Raspberry Pi simply is not enterprise-scale.  IT organizations will continue to look to VDI enabling solutions, such as endpoint management software, that can support the market's diversity of devices and applications.

Big Acquisition Ahead?  At least one major VDI supplier will be acquired in a record breaking deal!

LTE will become Mobile Darling:  Long-Term Evolution (LTE), a standard for high-speed wireless communication for mobile devices and data terminals, will be in greater demand from mobile laptop users. 

Application and Budget Security the 2018 Endpoint Focus

In 2018, we will see enterprises being driven to take a much closer, more serious look at improving endpoint security as mobile devices, distributed workforces, and random IoT applications, all contribute to a recipe for cyber threats.  As data breaches will continue, how workers can do their job securely in a multi-device environment must become top of mind for everyone in an organization.  Security has to become an enterprise-wide concern.  At the same time, desktop-as-a-service and new licensing models will change the way enterprises receive VDI products and services, allowing for more flexible pricing based on advanced feature sets and new technology.


About the Author

Matthias Haas 

Matthias Haas is Chief Technology Officer for IGEL Technology, where he develops key technology partnerships and is responsible for IGEL's hardware and software portfolio. With over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, Haas is dedicated to creating solutions that help IGEL customers run their business endpoint solutions as efficiently as possible. He works together with existing technology partners like Citrix, VMware or Microsoft to provide the market's best managed workspace solutions.

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