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Open Source Cloudify 4.5 Extends its Cloud Native Orchestration to the Network - from Core to Edge

Cloudify Platform Ltd. has shipped version 4.5 of its open source software today with new features that bring cloud native and DevOps practices to the networking layer. Gartner says that intent-based networking is the next big thing on the horizon, as it "helps to plan, design and implement/operate networks that can improve network availability and agility."

Cloudify's declarative approach to orchestration supports true intent-based orchestration capabilities. Through its closed loop automation & continuous deployment capabilities, Cloudify significantly simplifies the automation of formerly manually-managed, complex systems & networks. Get started with the latest version here.

The Cloudify platform is deployed and trusted by some of the largest organizations around the globe, helping to modernize and transform systems and networks from legacy technology to new cloud native concepts, without discarding previous technology investments.

Key Highlights in Cloudify 4.5

Intent-Based Orchestration - Cloudify 4.5 simplifies the automation of complex systems through complete abstraction of applications and networks from the underlying infrastructure.

What to look forward to:

  • Closed-loop automation for recovery, remediation scaling, and continuous workflow updates
  • Continuous deployment through the deployment update feature automatically detecting only the changes that need to be applied to the system to meet the desired state
  • Pluggable actionable events on workflow executions allowing users to run operations on specific workflow events, and Cloudify comes with out of the box SNMP traps on these events

Pluggable & Agentless Monitoring

What to look forward to:

  • Version 4.5 includes out of the box integration with Nagios as the monitoring and policy engine, to enable agentless monitoring by tracking SNMP events and traps, to simplify monitoring of existing network appliances that do not support agent-based monitoring.

Cloud Native & Large Scale Deployments - Cloudify 4.5 comes with deeper support for Kubernetes designed to support extreme scale and high performance environments.

What to look forward to:

  • Support for bare-metal or libvirt infrastructure on top of the most popular clouds, as well as federation for edge and low-latency geographical distribution
  • New pluggable networking support for popular Kubernetes networking projects such as Flannel, Calico, and Weave

Manager Security & Multi-Cloud Orchestration - Cloudify 4.5 also comes with a completely new and innovative approach to multi-cloud orchestration through more native support of Azure ARM, Amazon Cloud Formation, and Terraform for infrastructure-level orchestration.

What to look forward to:

  • Encryption of all external and internal communication to and from the manager along with the secret store
  • New Kerberos authentication to ensure maximum isolation of every execution
  • Dynamic management of multiple networks - for added network isolation between different users and deployments

Network Orchestration - Cloudify 4.5 introduces extensive cloud-network automation for all major clouds, that simplifies the automation of Enterprises and CSP network access between private and public clouds, as well as integrating with existing networking environments.

What to look forward to:

  • New Cloudify Integrations for Popular Network Services
  • Oracle SBC Plugin
  • Broadsoft Plugin
  • Multi-cloud Swift3 Plugin
  • Benu Networks Plugin
  • Juniper Contrail Plugin
  • iDirect OSS/BSS Integration
  • Netnumber TITAN VNFM using Ansible & Execution plugins
  • Nuage SD-WAN Integration
Published Monday, November 19, 2018 3:44 PM by David Marshall
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