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The Intelligent Edge Is Driving New Opportunities for IoT Organizations

By Stephen Mellor, CTO, Industrial Internet Consortium

The intelligent edge distributes computing, storage, control, and networking services closer to the end users where the services can flexibly meet the demands of emerging application requirements.  

This addresses many challenges that a remote data center alone cannot effectively resolve, such as enabling real-time edge data analytics, supporting time-critical local control, improving trustworthiness of IoT applications, connecting and protecting the vast number and many types of resource-constrained devices, and overcoming network bandwidth and availability constraints.

Over time, experts believe cloud and intelligent edge will converge into unified end-to-end platforms offering integrated services that combine resources in the clouds, the intelligent edges, and the IIoT. According to recent Gartner research, 10% of enterprise-generated data is already created and processed outside a traditional centralized data center or cloud. By 2025, Gartner predicts this figure will reach 75%. 

The next decade promises a tidal wave of intelligent edge technologies. How can you keep pace?

Understanding the State-of-the-Art in Edge

Consider the rapidly approaching Open Edge Symposium 2019, which will be an ideal meeting place for understanding the current state of the art in edge computing. On the agenda is a line-up of recognized IoT industry experts, the principals who are defining the architectures and protocols that will propel the industry.

Formerly Fog World Congress, the two-day conference will explore the current edge-computing paradigm with discussions of open architectures, interoperability, cost-efficiency rates, business outcomes and use cases.  

Why is this important? Because this is how the technology-based world of the future will work. Smart factories, smart cities, smart energy, smart buildings, smart engineering, intelligent transport systems, and autonomous vehicles are the emergent areas of Industrial IoT.

Supporting this wide range of emerging systems and applications - and not just IIoT, but 5G mobile systems, big data, edge analytics, and embedded AI/ML - requires a new computing and networking paradigm. This new paradigm will require industry, academia and research to work in concert to address the profound technology challenges that will be faced.

Progress Through Collaboration

Harmonization is necessary to develop the open, interoperable architectures that will be needed in the near future. Only through teamwork and collaboration will we properly direct the tremendous resources being deployed, which will be required on a scale not seen before.

To that end, the Open Edge Symposium is leading the effort to ensure that the world's foremost experts in edge/fog technologies will be available for individual interactions in addition to their presentations. 

As a participant at the Symposium, you will attend a  wide range of intelligent-edge tutorial sessions to help drive innovation, clarify misconceptions, and bring your grasp of the intelligent-edge ecosystem up to speed on the latest research, technical developments and industry implementations of intelligent edge. The conference sessions are organized into tracks with a specific emphasis to each track:

  • The Advances in Innovation Track will explore and expound the research and standardization activities and opportunities on intelligent edge within industrial processes for IoT, AI/ML and connectivity. Track sessions will target researchers, technologists and standard developers through a combination of tutorials, panels, presentations, and technical deep dives.
  • The Technical Track will delve into questions around the impact of technology on edge computing. Track sessions will target beginners, mid-career professionals and advanced technologists through a combination of tutorials, panels, individual presentations, and technical deep dives.
  • The Business Outcomes Track will focus on real-world use cases that have delivered a business impact to a company/industry. Sessions in this track will showcase how these companies are leveraging the capabilities of the intelligent edge to their competitive advantage, and will provide insights into smart implementation strategies and common pitfalls to help you realize business value faster and more effectively.

Symposium Highlights

Another highlight of the event is the "Battle of the Network Stars: Edge Architecture Edition."  Experts from the leading standards organizations, consortia, open source projects and commercial companies in the edge marketplace will give rapid-fire overviews of their industry perspective.

Each speaker will give a brief talk on their solution's history, targeted verticals, architecture, advantages, future direction and commercial model. This will allow attendees to compare and contrast some of the leading ideas and architectural approaches in the market. 

Highlighting the symposium's vision of the importance of a cohesive architectural strategy is the choice of Purdue University's Mung Chiang to deliver the keynote address on the opening day.

Dr. Chiang is the John A. Edwardson Dean of the College of Engineering, Purdue University, and Industrial Internet Consortium Steering Committee member. He founded the influential Princeton Edge Lab ten years ago as one of the first university labs dedicated to edge computing. In the keynote, he will share his vision and provide insights about how the intelligent edge paradigm will evolve over the next ten years.

The Internet of Things is an unstoppable tidal wave in our technological world, and intelligent-edge solutions are critical to its successful deployment - and our ability to benefit from the infrastructure. The Open Edge Symposium 2019 is the place to learn how to make sure your organization reaps the benefits.


Published Tuesday, October 29, 2019 7:38 AM by David Marshall
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