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VMblog Expert Interview: Making Secondary Storage Invisible with Nutanix Mine with HCYU is a Test Drive Away

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HYCU, Inc. is a pioneering enterprise software company specializing in data backup, protection, migration and recovery for multi-clouds, be they on-premises or public. The company has expanded its roots in data protection and management from on-premises clouds and Nutanix to multi-cloud data management, with the unveiling of HYCU Protégé, a cross-cloud data management solution, and continued support for public clouds, adding Azure support earlier this year.

Late last year, HYCU announced the general availability of its joint integrated data protection solution, Nutanix Mine with HYCU. This week, HYCU and Nutanix announced a new Test Drive for Nutanix Mine with HYCU.

VMblog spoke with Subbiah Sundaram, VP of Products and Marketing at HYCU to find out what Test Drive is, how it works and why its latest solution continues to gain so much interest.

VMblog:  This week, HYCU announced Test Drive for Nutanix Mine with HYCU. What is Test Drive?

Subbiah Sundaram:  I think I speak for a number of people in the IT industry, much like buying a new car, we would all love to take the latest technology for a spin. You want to experience new technology first-hand, not just in a lab environment. Where you see how it works, the power that it provides, not just as an advertisement but in actuality. It's the first-hand experience that we all know is critical in any evaluation process. We all know that regardless of the latest innovation, something like an actual Test Drive is so important. As they say the devil is in the details. That's exactly what we're doing now with Nutanix Mine with HYCU. Test Drive now allows you to test and experience Nutanix Mine with HYCU, our integrated and powerful backup solution, via a simple web browser interface. No hassles. It's a way for anyone to try out Nutanix Mine with HYCU at their own pace.

VMblog:  Can you provide a recap of what Nutanix Mine with HYCU is again, and what it's designed to do?

Sundaram:  When we supported the introduction of Nutanix Mine and made Nutanix Mine with HYCU generally available, we delivered on three distinct advantages that customers were asking for - the ability to improve backup efficiency, offer simpler data restores, and simplify management complexity. As we know, data volumes are not shrinking any time soon and continue to grow. At the same time, the backup windows continue to shrink. Nutanix Mine extends the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform beyond primary storage operations to integrate secondary data services like backup, archiving and disaster recovery within a single solution. It comes in a number of starter configurations, extra snall, small and medium, to help address the most challenging of secondary storage requirements. Nutanix Mine with HYCU, also includes support for the latest version of HYCU for Nutanix, which now includes tight, native integration with Nutanix Volumes, Nutanix Files and Nutanix Objects as well physical server support.

VMblog:  How does Nutanix Mine with HYCU Test Drive work?  What can someone do if they're interested in experiencing the solution first hand?

Sundaram:  It's as easy as signing up at the following link. The Test Drive experience is something that Nutanix has successfully introduced for a number of their solutions. It provides in-depth access and hands-on experience by launching a pre-configured software trial. Anyone who signs up can now experience the simplicity and power of the Nutanix Mine platform with an internet connection and by firing up their web browser. No set-up or hardware required. The intent is for the experience to be as zero touch as possible so that you, as the end user, are always in control and can explore different features as needed. There is a guided tour and online tutorial that provides all the details anyone would need to navigate the Nutanix Mine with HYCU module. And, the best part is if you have questions along the way, there's the ability to connect with an expert through the online chat feature. It really is a way to experience IT at a whole new level of simplicity!

VMblog:  What's been the overall reception to Nutanix Mine with HYCU to date?

Sundaram:  When the solution was introduced last year at .NEXT 19 in Anaheim, we were proud to be the first to support it. It aligns with our continued focus on supporting all of Nutanix latest innovations, especially those technology developments we know will make a significant impact for our joint customers. There were and continue to be a growing number of HYCU customers that were using HYCU with Nutanix as a backup target, beyond traditional primary storage use cases. They appreciate the one tightly integrated solution, orderable as a single SKU, launchable and viewable directly from Prism and a single point to start support. We're also seeing increased interest, now that we're the first to support Nutanix Objects, in using Nutanix 1-click scale out to multi-cluster global namespace. It's their powerful solution to bring simplicity to unstructured data management. We would anticipate with the new Test Drive option to see increased interest in experiencing Nutanix Mine with HYCU first-hand. As we all know, seeing is believing. I would encourage anyone that is looking for the performance of the Nutanix HCI platform and the power of enterprise-grade backup features of HYCU, in one unified package, to take Nutanix Mine with HYCU for a Test Drive.


Published Wednesday, June 24, 2020 7:33 AM by David Marshall
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