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Atlantic.Net 2022 Predictions: Threats to the Supply Chain and Cloud Compute to Dominate 2022

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Threats to the Supply Chain and Cloud Compute to Dominate 2022

By Brett Haines, Vice President, Atlantic.Net

The cybersecurity landscape has changed dramatically for businesses, organizations, and nearly 5 billion internet users in the last two years. The hacking community has jumped on the chaos caused by the COVID-19 pandemic to strengthen its grasp on weak business infrastructure and poor cybersecurity initiatives.

Ransomware will be the headline news and a significant concern for businesses trying to stay secure and compliant in 2022.  There will be a continuing rise in the sophistication of cyberattacks, perhaps with nation-state sponsorship and the supply chain service providers to government institutions, the military, and major corporations being the number one target.

We have already seen the damage inflicted by the SolarWinds Orion breach. The probability of another major breach affecting big business is highly likely. Businesses will diversify their cloud providers to combat the risk, pushing for a cloud-agnostic approach to reduce the supply chain risk while offloading services to different vendors to minimize the impact of potential downtime inflicted from ransomware.

The cloud computing industry will continue to grow significantly, and Life Sciences will increasingly rely on cloud providers by offloading compute workloads to cloud providers. In addition, harnessing the power of cloud computing will enable Life Science companies and big pharma to capitalize when conducting ground-breaking research to discover new and modern innovations.

Not only does this approach preserve a lean operating model for a budget-conscious industry, but it will introduce significant productivity benefits. Machine Learning is already heavily used in Life Sciences,  such as when using targeted data mining to identify clinical trial patients or predicting personalized medicine schedules.

AI/ML has, of course, been used extensively in Covid-19 research. Along with dedicated supercomputers, cloud computing will quickly become the primary tool for researching new Covid vaccines and treatments.

In 2022, the healthcare industry will continue to provide a hybrid service to patients. Telephone and video conferencing with doctors and general practitioners has largely been accepted as a great success, despite the added security concerns.

As the world continues its Covid recovery, the demand for telemedicine services will drive the need for greater healthcare HIPAA compliance, data compliance, and security as healthcare organizations opt to keep some core services online only. Maintaining data integrity is challenging but an absolute necessity to adhere to U.S. law.

These are just three predictions that we believe will shape the industry in 2022 and beyond. Each is a direct response to the upheaval caused by Covid-19. 2020/2021 fast-tracked many organizations' business transformation initiatives, pushing them to cloud services perhaps much quicker than initially planned. Still, with this seismic shift, cybersecurity initiatives must be at the forefront of decision-making, and businesses have a responsibility to maintain robust compliance.



Brett Haines - Vice President

Brett Haines 

As Vice President at Atlantic.Net, Brett continues to use new and creative ways to increase quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. With over 15 years of sales, networking, technology, and management experience, Brett is directly responsible for overseeing the Sales, Sales Engineering, and Product Management teams.

Published Friday, October 01, 2021 7:33 AM by David Marshall
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