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EvolveWare 2022 Predictions: Application Modernization Reaches Critical Inflection Point Due to Security Concerns, Shrinking Talent Pool, Need for Integration & A Strong Push to the Cloud

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Application Modernization Reaches Critical Inflection Point Due to Security Concerns, Shrinking Talent Pool, Need for Integration & A Strong Push to the Cloud

By Miten Marfatia, CEO, EvolveWare

Organizations are beginning to achieve concrete successes in modernization initiatives, and the traction in digital transformation that we've seen over the past year is unmistakable. While this movement is partially due to the increasingly urgent need to modernize, it can also be attributed to the powerful technologies, platforms and services available to guide these projects to completion. We believe the next year will be a critical turning point in the application modernization space.

In identifying the pain points that will drive modernization initiatives next year, the following are the key application modernization trends that we at EvolveWare are anticipating based in part, from what we are hearing from our enterprise and government customers.

Security concerns will drive app modernization, allowing IT teams to build stronger business cases for app modernization projects. Old, unused code within legacy applications exposes organizations to significant security vulnerabilities, allowing malicious actors to exploit outdated business rules for a range of potential attacks, including ransomware. Case in point: a recent White House directive called on federal agencies to fix hundreds of online vulnerabilities caused by legacy software systems. This fix is best implemented by modernizing the systems and removing dead code to eliminate potential attack areas caused by obsolete software. In many instances the case for application modernization is sold to leadership when security vulnerabilities are identified. The cost of modernization is far less expensive than the cost of fixing the results of an attack.

The ever-increasing knowledge gap for maintaining legacy applications will reach a critical inflection point in 2022. While mainframes are far from dead, the rapidly dwindling talent pool needed to maintain legacy applications will force IT to take action. The banking and insurance industries, as well as federal and state governments, will dominate the demand for application modernization, given the frequency at which applications have to be modified to meet changing legislative and business policies. A single line of broken code could mean families not receiving their benefits on time or banking customers not being able to access their funds. This risk will grow exponentially in 2022, making software modernization imperative.

Hyper-focused on integration with client and vendor systems with a mandate to reduce operating costs, IT teams will lean more heavily on automation to modernize code and migrate to the Cloud. Overall business use of automation and AI has been steadily increasing since the pandemic began, and next year will see a surge in automated tools being applied to modernization initiatives. Driven by the need for speed and the continuous demand to increase efficiencies and reduce cost, IT teams will be looking to automation to rapidly analyze legacy code, update business rules and transform them into efficient systems. Fully embracing automated modernization tools will enable IT to allocate more resources and energy towards innovation and time to value. 

By using an application modernization platform that supports end-to-end automation at every stage of a software application's journey from maintenance to rationalization to modernization-leveraging a platform's capabilities to reverse-engineer (document), analyze, extract business rules, (BRE), and optimize and migrate code, enterprise and government organizations will accelerate and simplify the application modernization process and stay ahead of the inherent challenges to maintain legacy applications.



Miten Marfatia 

Miten Marfatia has more than 30 years of experience co-founding and managing state-of-the-art hardware and software solution companies. He currently serves as the CEO and CFO of EvolveWare, Inc. a software company that has developed Intellisys, a unique technology to automate the maintenance, rationalization and transformation of IT Systems. 

Miten holds a M.S in Electrical Engineering and a M.B.A in Finance, Investment  & Banking from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. He earned his B.S in  Electrical Engineering from the University of Bombay in India. 

Published Tuesday, January 04, 2022 7:30 AM by David Marshall
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