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Devpost Launches Internal Hackathon Solution for Companies to Experiment With AI and Grow Into The Future

Offering a catalyst for harnessing the untapped power of AI, Devpost launched Devpost for Teams, a platform that allows companies to set up, manage and streamline private employee and customer hackathons.

Devpost for Teams was created as a solution to manage internal hackathons, building on the trust that Devpost has earned from such leading companies as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, Meta and Microsoft.

Enterprise companies have long held grassroots competitions to encourage creativity and teamwork. These hackathons are designed to solve specific problems, foster innovative solutions, or develop new products. They can also help create cross-departmental synergy among engineers, project managers, product designers and others, boosting employee morale and retention. And with AI transforming everything, companies across myriad corporate sectors - from technology to finance, manufacturing to consumer goods - are shifting toward hackathons to leverage AI for innovation and growth.

Devpost for Teams is the only internal hackathon solution that lets companies easily set up, manage and streamline employee and customer hackathons. As a comprehensive platform protected by SOC 2-compliant, enterprise-grade security, Devpost for Teams:

  •  Saves time - Streamlining event management for organizers, the all-in-one platform centralizes planning, registrations, team building, projects, judging and reporting, replacing the need to use multiple tools, spreadsheets or wikis.
  •  Increases participation - A modern, intuitive interface simplifies the process of joining hackathons, finding team members and collaborating, with the further incentive of making it easier to effectively leverage AI for their projects.
  •  Shows results and ROI - Event organizers can see what was accomplished, choose a template to publish reports, and better showcase finished projects, instead of browsing through various file-sharing links. 

Devpost for Teams arrives at a time when AI continues to revolutionize corporate strategy, making way for more opportunities for employees to drive innovation. Devpost for Teams streamlines and accelerates the process of assembling developers, non-developers and subject matter experts to experiment with AI, particularly GenAI, in a time-restricted setting. Hackathons thus become supercharged events that better help employees to learn and reap outcomes in a shorter period of time. With this new platform, company projects can be utilized to help a business save money and time, increase profits, delight customers, and strategically keep a focus on the future.

During its beta phase, Devpost for Teams earned positive reviews from numerous customers. 

"Having an inclusive hack culture is top of mind for us," said Neta Retter, Director of Innovation Programs at Okta. "You can tell that the people who built this platform were organizers. We could share feedback in real-time any time we needed something to be unblocked and we had fast, easy support. It felt like we were integrated into the team and like we were part of the broader development of this platform.

"By having the hackathon planning templates in place to tell participants what to expect, having the dates, all the information in one place, and an easy way to link From an organizer perspective, I think it is probably 25% of the work."

"In Devpost's nearly 15 years helping shape the modern-day hackathon, I've never seen anything like the transformation brought about by AI," said Brandon Kessler, CEO of Devpost. "Companies are using Devpost for Teams because it's not enough to have a high-level AI strategy, but they must bring employees together to experiment and unlock value. Hackathons are now a must-have because they are time-bound, collaborative, results-oriented, and exciting to employees."

Published Tuesday, April 09, 2024 2:52 PM by David Marshall
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