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Data Management Platform Lotame Partners With Bucksense for Improved Audience Segments

In its raw form, data is difficult to manage, especially when it concerns a massive trove of information.

Of course, there are analytics tools to help you better parse and understand any information or data coming in, but they don't necessarily organize or shape it.

That's where a DMP, or data management platform, comes into play.

Lotame is a tool that is first and foremost a DMP provider, but also a data exchange platform, making it uniquely helpful for turning raw data into conceivable actions.  The company recently partnered with Bucksense, an integrated marketing tool that lets businesses reach their audiences across multiple devices and tracks those campaigns.

The two plan to give advertisers access to global third-party data and audience segments on the Bucksense console all around the world, seriously ramping up what you can do with such data.

Cristian Carnevale, the CEO of Bucksense, believes the merger "will result in more targeted and better-performing campaigns" for marketers. Why? Simply because of how it works, the collaborative effort allows the user workflow through both platforms to be more streamlined and convenient.

Actionable Insights Plus Audience Segments

Lotame is about more than just collecting, extracting and parsing data - that data must be useful, in the end.

Once the data has been collected and processed, the DMP turns it into something more tangible. You can use it to make better decisions, launch new products, support your customers and audience, deliver updates, make informed policy changes and much more.

The list of features the platform can offer include cross-device support, audience analytics and optimization tools, data exchange, onboarding for offline data systems, second-party data relationships and exchanges, and TV or ad-based data tools.

Through all of these services and options, a DMP like Lotame truly manages and organizes your data. It can ingest from nearly any source and handle any type of data - including first-, second- or third-party information. It takes the data in its raw form - even endless lists of information and numbers - and segments it all so you can use it to target specific audiences. It also makes it possible to share that data and sets of information with other platforms such as DSPs, SSPs and even ad exchanges.

Lotame's partnership with Bucksense will not only allow Bucksense to have access to highly reliable data sets and tailored audience segments, but it will also allow Lotame's users to precisely specify their campaigns and put their data to even better use.

Thanks to the collaboration, advertisers and marketers can target global and third-party data through Lotame, without leaving the Bucksense console. This allows for the creation of more native, targeted and efficient campaigns, not to mention on a much broader scale internationally. More importantly, it's all confined to a single location - through Bucksense's cutting-edge DSP. Think of it as a merger between two equally great yet useful minds. Now combined, they offer you much more powerful, targeted and beneficial opportunities.

As you'd expect, the heads of both companies are just as excited for the merger, especially at the prospect of working side by side as a single team.

"We're extremely excited to partner with Bucksense," Ryan Rolf, vice president of data sales at Lotame, told MarTech Advisor. "The sophistication of the Bucksense platform makes it an ideal fit for our rich taxonomy of audiences, allowing marketers to fine-tune their media campaigns and better understand and reach their target audience at scale. It's a perfect fit as we bring our recent work on data quality and audience creation to their brand and performance clientele."

As more companies seek to find ways to turn big data into actionable data, partnerships like this are likely to become more common.


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