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VMblog Work From Home Series Video Interview with Michael Kent of Login VSI (End-User Experience)

WFH 2020 LoginVSI 

Looking for answers for your organization on how to better solve problems with migrating employees to a Work from Home format?  Watch this video interview as Michael Kent, Chief Technology Officer of Login VSI, a company dedicated to maximizing the end-user experience, shares his expertise across a number of topics to help with the shift of users moving from the office to instead working from home.

There are many challenges with this, one of which is the end-user experience.  Find out what you need to know! 

There is an importance of providing your work from home population as much congruency as possible, especially for those newly remote workers.  These new workers are going through a great deal of change, poor user experience exasperates the situation and kills any semblance of productivity that these workers were clinging to.  It is therefore important to know what your end-users are going through.  Know what it's like for them to have to print to the warehouse over a VPN connection.  Know that it takes an extra 15 seconds to load the fat client of that ERP application or that split tunneling is causing their web-based applications to go one way, while their premise-hosted apps go another (or worse, no split tunneling is slowing down their connectivity because video and apps are running across the same network path).  Knowing what the actual end-user experience is no easy task, but Login VSI can provide help. They are focused on VDI environments and help index the user experience.

Assess your end-user experience, and tune-up that work-from-home offering so that your users - and business productivity - does not suffer.  Worker productivity is one of a company's greatest assets - make sure it is optimized for times ahead. 

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Published Monday, July 13, 2020 7:46 AM by David Marshall
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