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Luos 2023 Predictions: What is Ahead for Edge, the IoT and Embedded Systems


Industry executives and experts share their predictions for 2023.  Read them in this 15th annual series exclusive.

What is Ahead for Edge, the IoT and Embedded Systems

By Nicolas Rabault, Co-founder and CEO, Luos

Luos makes open source software for edge, IoT, cyber-physical systems (CPS) and embedded distributed systems providing a simple and lightweight containerization platform that enables a microservices architecture. Its modular design simplifies linking any hardware component and application code together as a single system image making management and updates easier.

Here is what I see for the year ahead.

#1 Finally, we'll see supply chain issues abate and components become more available. That will be a big help to making usage grow as RP2040 RaspberryPi, other microcontrollers come back to market and new products flourish built on those devices.

#2 Embedded has been slow in adoption of new ways of doing things because something that works stays in place. But that mentality is changing from the grind of just making things work. I see this change coming over from web development and applying those methodologies and technologies in the world of edge, the IoT and embedded devices to gain greater agility.

For example, it has always been difficult to update firmware of edge, IoT and embedded devices, but now those devices are connected via the internet, which changes everything. The mentality of those building edge, IoT and embedded systems changes as those devices are connected to the outside world and it's possible to get information back from those devices, which makes it possible to have constant improvements to those devices and systems. Plus, tools will change and improve, as well.

#3 We'll see the trend continue to make it easier to develop software for edge, IoT and embedded devices with the ability to deal with any network and multiple boards - trending away from the specific ways that embedded works in a monolithic architecture. For example, transitioning from IoT devices to more complex systems such as a robot cleaner, for example, with multiple boards. Edge and embedded devices will behave more like web servers with protocols that make this possible.

#4 With everything connected, it's exciting times for product developers to build new capabilities for everything. For example, using a phone to do things like start a car or control an irrigation system. Plus, now it's easier than ever to make updates, improvements, and add yet more features to make them even better over time. If you think about it, hardware devices become more like SaaS with the ability to make ongoing changes without disruption.

Manufacturers will need to think about how they can leverage these new capabilities with new approaches to their markets and evolving their products. Now, it's completely different than before; you will see products evolve much more quickly.

#5 Security is becoming more complex for everyone in IT and that is very much the case for edge, IoT and embedded devices as they increasingly become connected. That means logins to devices with proper credentials for access and controlling access to boards that communicate with each other. The model for this is the web and this will be a continued work-in-progress in the year ahead for those of us in edge and embedded systems.

I think that, finally, the edge, IoT and embedded world is breaking out of its old ways and monolithic approach towards adopting modern software development methodologies and tools which means exciting times ahead and much greater agility that will transform the way products evolve. We are already seeing this trend which, I believe, will accelerate in the years to come.




Nicolas Rabault is co-founder and CEO of Luos which makes it easy to develop and scale edge, IoT and embedded distributed software using open source. With his experience in robotics and as a research engineer in real-time embedded systems, his work is dedicated to making embedded systems work together while simplifying reusability for greater agility.

Published Friday, January 13, 2023 7:37 AM by David Marshall
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